Floor Plan

This listing contains all exhibitors of the joint exhibition of Pipe and Sewer Conference and Pipeline Technology Conference.

ptc 2016 Floor Plan
Company Status Stand Number Country
A.Hak Industrial Services Exhibitor 49 Germany
Aegis 2k Exhibitor 6 Italy
AIR LLOYD Exhibitor 4 Germany
Amex Exhibitor 56 Germany
Applus RTD Exhibitor 30 Germany
Atmos International Exhibitor 46 United Kingdom
Barthauer Software Exhibitor 45 Germany
BIL Exhibitor 5b Germany
Borna Electronics Co. Exhibitor 17 Iran
Clock Spring Company Exhibitor 51 United Kingdom
Creaform Deutschland Exhibitor 43 Germany
DEE Piping Systems Exhibitor 41 India
DEHN Exhibitor 34 Germany
DENSO Exhibitor 52 Germany
DNV GL Silver Sponsor 9 Norway
Duktus Group Exhibitor 50 Germany
DVGW - German Technical and Scientific Association for Gas and Water Exhibitor, Supporter 18 Germany
Evonik Industries Exhibitor 20 Germany
Geonex Exhibitor 2 Finland
Gottsberg Leak Detection Silver Sponsor 7 Germany
GSTT - German Society for Trenchless Technology Exhibitor, Supporter 20 Germany
Herrenknecht Silver Sponsor 19 Germany
HIMA Exhibitor 35 Germany
ILF Consulting Engineers Golden Sponsor 39+40 Germany
Kebulin Gesellschaft Kettler Exhibitor 23 Germany
Krohne Messtechnik Exhibitor 5a Germany
KTN Exhibitor 38 Norway
MAX STREICHER Exhibitor 33 Germany
MEFS Exhibitor 53 Germany
Metalyte Pipeworks Exhibitor 10 United Kingdom
Monti Werkzeuge Exhibitor 37 Germany
mts Perforator Exhibitor 47 Germany
NDT Global Golden Sponsor 3 Germany
OMS Exhibitor 1 United Kingdom
OZ Optics Exhibitor 48 Canada
Pak gostar Parand Exhibitor 17 Iran
Pars Pamchal Exhibitor 17 Iran
Parto Azmoon Azar Exhibitor 17 Iran
Pergam-Suisse Exhibitor 24 Switzerland
Petro IT Exhibitor 26 India
PII Pipeline Solutions Golden Sponsor 16 United Kingdom
Pipeline Monitors Exhibitor 17 Iran
Pipesurvey International Exhibitor 42 Netherlands
PLIDCO Exhibitor 44 United States
Polyguard Products Exhibitor 29 United States
PPSA - Pigging Products and Services Association Exhibitor, Supporter 12 United Kingdom
PSI Exhibitor 28 Germany
Pure Technologies Exhibitor 55 Canada
Quest Integrity Group Exhibitor 32 United States
RAM-100 International Exhibitor 54 United States
ROSEN Group Platinum Sponsor 14+15 Switzerland
Savay Exhibitor 17 Iran
Schneider Electric Silver Sponsor 21 Canada
Schütz Messtechnik Exhibitor 13 Germany
Seal For Life Industries Exhibitor 36 Netherlands
Seikowave Exhibitor 8 United States
Shawcor Exhibitor 27 Netherlands
Siemens Exhibitor 25 Germany
Symrise Exhibitor 31 Germany
TRACTO-TECHNIK Exhibitor 20 Germany
TTK Exhibitor 22 France
Yokogawa Silver Sponsor 11 Netherlands