Floor Plan

ptc 2015 floor plan

status as of 23 Oct. 2014 (please reload website to be sure that this is the latest version)

Company Status Stand Number Country
Actemium Exhibitor 12 + 14 Germany
Clock Spring Company Exhibitor 4 United Kingdom
Dhatec Line Pipe Logistic Solutions Exhibitor 17 Netherlands
Esders Exhibitor 8 Germany
Gottsberg Leak Detection Silver Sponsor 26 Germany
Herrenknecht Silver Sponsor 29 Germany
ILF Consulting Engineers Golden Sponsor 27 + 28 Germany
Kebulin Gesellschaft Kettler Exhibitor 39 Germany
Krohne Messtechnik Exhibitor 13 Germany
KTN Exhibitor 31 Norway
NDT Global Golden Sponsor 10 Germany
Pergam-Suisse Exhibitor 7 Switzerland
Petro IT Exhibitor 23 India
Pure Technologies Exhibitor 16 Canada
ROSEN Group Platinum Sponsor 11 Switzerland
STATS Group Silver Sponsor 30 United Kingdom
TRACTO-TECHNIK Exhibitor 32 Germany