GAIL’s Journey from Success to Progress
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Ayush Gupta
Ayush Gupta, Shri D. V. Shastry
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The journey to success has many road blocks and impediments which need to be overcome by an organization to survive cut throat competition in the market. Fierce competition, increasing complexities, rapid technological changes, demands for accountability, changing social environment and economic turmoil are the challenges staring at the face of organizations across the globe in their struggle for survival. In these difficult times, achieving success is difficult, maintaining it is even more difficult but to continue improving upon it is indeed an uphill task for any organisation. History is full of examples of successful organizations which failed to maintain their position and were soon left behind in competition. The paper aims at discussing one of the biggest challenge before industry specially the hydrocarbon industry that is not only to stop its talented and trained human resource from moving away, but in developing and transforming it with values so that they contribute towards the overall progress of the organization.

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