Implementation of the DVGW Technical Safety Management at ONTRAS Gastransport
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Peggy Zeppei
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DVGW's Technical Safety Management provides an industry-specific solution for achieving and checking organisational safety. The TSM was developed specifically to ensure proper gas and water supply and is therefore the means of choice if a utility company wants to minimise its liability risks with regard to its organisational structure and process organisation and to consolidate the security of action for employees and managers. The application of TSM methods in ONTRAS shows, that the TSM is an instrument to be used at a manageable cost, which supports the introduction with determination of the status quo, identification of fields of action and self-assessment of the companies by using the questions from the TSM guidelines of the DVGW. The presentation shows the application of the TSM in practice and the resulting questions as well as the usefulness of such an instrument for gas network operators.