Leak Detection and Pipeline Inspection with TÜV certified dogs

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02 Sep 2016
Guido Van Baelen
Guido Van Baelen
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Changing pipeline surroundings are often a challenge for an inspection program, especially for leak detection. Leaks take the easy way out, which is not always exact above the pipeline. The Sniffers' leak detection dogs have the ability to scan a wide zone for leaks at very small concentrations and in difficult circumstances (plowed fields, crops, snow, woods,…). A combination of just three important parameters that are only a few of many where the Sniffers' leak detection dogs outsmart the most sophisticated equipment, making it a superior gas detection method on today’s market at a low cost to the client. No other technique is so sensitive and developed as a dogs nose. No doubt that including the revolutionary Sniffers-dog survey in a pipeline inspection program can save a company millions of dollars by preventing a potential catastrophe which can destroy a company’s reputation, can cost millions in damage and lawsuits and even more importantly can cost peoples’ lives. The Sniffers-dogs are trained on the ability to detect specific VOC-substances (Volatile Organic Compounds) and they will raise the level for the gas industry Worldwide, not just in accuracy and safety, but also in cost-effectiveness to the customers. The Sniffers pioneered special trained dogs that are able to detect leaks which are immeasurable with the best available detection services. A unique and very successful method. The Sniffers is the first company in the world to have TÜV certified dogs and a TÜV certified method of training dogs. In 2013 our dogs became news in The Netherlands while doing an innovative survey on electrical short circuits.

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