Restructuring of the Mexican gas supply: CENAGAS’ Pipeline Integrity Management Plan
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Juan Enrique Gonzalez Azuara
Juan Enrique Gonzalez Azuara, Jan Frowijn
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Natural gas demand in Mexico has accelerated in the last decennia. For long domestic production remained stagnant and imports have been insufficient to meet demand due to in part pipeline capacity constraints. As a result of far reaching Energy Reforms in Mexico, changes were set in motion to boost natural gas imports and also to stimulate improvements and expansion of critical natural gas pipeline infrastructure. Nowadays, private companies are operating about half of Mexico’s growing natural gas pipeline systems. The other half—the c.a. 9,000km what use to be PEMEX’s national natural gas pipeline system—is the responsibility of Mexico’s National Gas Control Center (CENAGAS). CENAGAS began operations in 2015 and is step-by-step ending the administrative services contracts with PEMEX as it is developing its own capabilities and staff in those areas. As part of this gradual transfer of ownership and responsibility for the national pipeline system, CENAGAS (1) collected, classified and digitized all pipeline records, (2) verified the inventory and inspection of installations and equipment, and (3) evaluated and ensured the availability of up-to-date and reliable data about the condition of the pipeline network and the right-of-way (ROW). The ROSEN Group was assigned the work and supported CENAGAS in northern Mexico. The project was executed over a period of 8 months with at times over 100 FTE of field- and integrity personnel assigned and has provided a baseline for the implementation of CENAGAS’ Pipeline Integrity Management Plan. The project covered 5,900km of pipeline and ROW.

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