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Title Presenter Company Conference
Various Trenchless Techniques for Pipeline Installation under Rivers and Mountains Werner Suhm Germany Herrenknecht Pipeline Technology Conference 2006
Verification of the Integrity of Existing Pipeline Systems for the Operating Permit Procedure Markus Rieder Germany ILF Consulting Engineers Pipeline Technology Conference 2007
View of a Pipe Manufacturer to the Developments for Linepipe Material Dr. Hans-Georg Hillenbrand Germany EUROPIPE Pipeline Technology Conference 2013
Volume Loss, A New Parameter In Assessment Of Remaining Strength Of Pitting Corroded Steel Pipes Mojtaba Mokhtari Australia University of Newcastle Pipeline Technology Conference 2018
Wastewater Resilience Planning Timothy Monahan United States SRT Consultants Pipeline Technology Conference 2018
Wax Assessment and Management for Production Pigging David Cockfield Switzerland Pipeline service solutions provider Pipeline Technology Conference 2020
Welding Methods Applied in Pipeline Construction, Regarded under the Aspect of Economic Efficiency Eginhard Vietz Germany VIETZ Pipeline Technology Conference 2007
What are The Differences Between Composite Repairs, What Should a Pipeline Operator be Aware of When Choosing a Composite Repair? James Knights United States ClockSpring | NRI Pipeline Technology Conference 2015
What are the Real Challenges In Pipeline Inspection? Dr. Konrad Reber Germany NDT Global Pipeline Technology Conference 2007
What Can Leak Detection Systems Really Achieve? Ralf Tetzner Germany Krohne Messtechnik Pipeline Technology Conference 2012
Where engineers learn to become pipeline engineers – or how to enable Job-based-learning Dr. Robert Stein Germany S&P Consult Pipeline Technology Conference 2018
Where offshore meets onshore: Trenchless solutions for pipeline landfalls Michael Lubberger Germany Herrenknecht Pipeline Technology Conference 2019
Why apply EN-13480 to Split Tee for Hot Tapping and Isolation? David Stordeur United States T.D. Williamson Pipeline Technology Conference 2020
Why is Pipeline Leak Detection More Than Just Installing a Flowmeter at Inlet and Outlet? Hilko den Hollander Netherlands KROHNE Oil & Gas Pipeline Technology Conference 2007
Wireless Portable LDS for Theft Detection Dr. Soonho Jeong South Korea Daehan Oil Pipeline Corporation Pipeline Technology Conference 2017
X80 Pipelines in Arctic Environment: Prediction of the Long-Distance Ductile Fracture Propagation/Arrest Dr. Alexey Gervasyev Russia Russian Research Institute of the Tube and Pipe Industries, JSC Pipeline Technology Conference 2013
Zap-Lok - A Mechanical Interference Connection Technology to Overcome Today’s Pipeline Installation Challenges Dr. Benjamin Chapman France Tuboscope | NOV Wellbore Technologies Pipeline Technology Conference 2019
Zero Harm as an Achievable Target - How to Build a Journey Towards Zero for People, Significant Impacts on the Environment and the Community Julia Costa Brazil NTS - Nova Transportadora do Sudeste Pipeline Technology Conference 2020


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ptc conference proceedings are included in the catalog of "TIB", the German National Library of Science and Technology.