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Title Presenter Company Conference
Combined Crack and Metal Loss Detection Tool Using Phased Array Technology Jürgen Ehrhardt United States Baker Hughes, a GE company Pipeline Technology Conference 2007
Combined Ultrasonic Tethered Tool for Inspection of Weld Cracks in Offshore Pipelines: Tool Qualification and First Inspection Results from Offshore Inspection Herbert Willems Germany NDT Global Pipeline Technology Conference 2015
Combined wastewater feed directly into final clarification – advantage for receiving rivers Prof. Dr. Peter Hartwig Germany aqua consult Ingenieur Pipeline Technology Conference 2016
Comparative study of different fluids flowing in a Supersonic separator used in Subsea Gas Pipeline systems Lokesh Kumar Mylapilli India University of Petroleum and Energy Studies Pipeline Technology Conference 2015
Comparison of Pressure Transfer Rings for Jacking Pipes Prof. Dr. Markus Thewes Germany Ruhr Universität Bochum Pipeline Technology Conference 2009
Complex Research Of Metal Properties Of Long-Lived Pipes Of The Main And Technological Pipelines Sergei Skorodumov Russia Pipeline Transport Institute (PTI LLC) Pipeline Technology Conference 2018
Compliance kit for easy retrofitting to TRFL and API Dr. Hubert Mäncher Germany MAGNUM LEO-Pipe Pipeline Technology Conference 2015
Composite Repair Performance at Elevated Temperatures Jim Souza United States Pipe Wrap Pipeline Technology Conference 2013
Composite Repairs – Their Application for the Long Term Reinforcement of Mechanical Damage to High Pressure Pipelines within Europe James Knights United States ClockSpring | NRI Pipeline Technology Conference 2017
Composite Sleeves for Permanently Restoring the Serviceability of Pipe: A Review of Testing and Standards Dr. Paul Hill United States ClockSpring | NRI Pipeline Technology Conference 2007
Comprehensive approach to the decommissioning of oil pipelines Ales Crha Czech Republic CEPS Pipeline Technology Conference 2017
Compressor Station Considerations Matt Lubomirsky United States Solar Turbines Pipeline Technology Conference 2013
CONCAWE’s Oil and Petroleum Product Pipeline Performance Review Peter Davis United Kingdom BPA Pipeline Technology Conference 2014
Concept Of Designing Lightning Protection Systems In Hazardous Areas - Advantage Of 3D Planning Tools Manfred Kienlein Germany DEHN & SÖHNE Pipeline Technology Conference 2018
Concept of Pipe-laying Ship for The Arctic Shelf of Russia Dr. Nikolai Valdmann Russia Kyrlov Shipbuilding Research Institute Pipeline Technology Conference 2012
Condition Assessment For Optimizing Gasunie’s Network Improvement Program (GNIP) Karen van Bloemendaal Norway DNV GL Pipeline Technology Conference 2018
Condition Assessment of Metallic Water Mains by Internal Pipe Inspection Ernst Kloosterman Norway Breivoll Inspection Technologies Pipeline Technology Conference 2009
Consequences of a Risk Based Approach for Natural Gas Pipelines G.M.H. Laheij Germany Applus RTD Pipeline Technology Conference 2010
Considerations on the Risk of Hydrogen Embrittlement of Pipeline Steel due to Cathodic Overprotection Dr. Hanns-Georg Schöneich Germany Open Grid Europe Pipeline Technology Conference 2015
Considerations to optimize electric motor compression stations Pierre Laboube United States GE Oil & Gas Pipeline Technology Conference 2014


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