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Title Presenter Company Conference
Centralising Operational Tasks to Assure Pipeline Integrity Tobias Graßmeyer Germany Geomagic Pipeline Technology Conference 2010
Challenge Pipe Tracking - an Example from Nord-Stream AG Lothar Kreutzwald Germany P-Systems Pipeline Services GmbH Pipeline Technology Conference 2008
Challenges for the European Pipeline Industry with Current and Future Standards and Regulations Peter Davis United Kingdom BPA Pipeline Technology Conference 2008
Challenges in Implementing a Software Based Leak Detection System in a Brownfield Environment Szilard Szelmann Japan Yokogawa Pipeline Technology Conference 2016
Challenges in Producing Line Pipe for the Nord Stream Project and Connecting Lines Dr. Christoph Kalwa Germany EUROPIPE Pipeline Technology Conference 2011
Challenges In The Construction And Installation Of Pipelines Gathering System - Refinery Abreu E Lima, Brazil Flavio Alexandre Silva Brazil Petrobras Pipeline Technology Conference 2013
Challenges in the hydraulic simulation of slurry transportation through pipelines Dr. Fabian Proch Germany MMEC Mannesmann Pipeline Technology Conference 2020
Challenges of a large Offshore Project from a line pipe manufacturers view Christian Kassel Germany EUROPIPE Pipeline Technology Conference 2018
Challenges of Geotechnical Engineering Studies of Pipelines in the Gulf Of Mexico, New Challenges to Pipeline With High Temperature and High Pressure Mario de Jesus Mireles Mexico Mexican Petroleum Institute Pipeline Technology Conference 2016
Challenges of Nord Stream 2 for Chelpipe Anton Gizatullin Russia PJSC Chelpipe Pipeline Technology Conference 2020
Challenges to Achieve Reliable Hydrocarbon Leak Detection. Evaluation of Different External Leak Sensing Systems : Existing Technologies vs. New Sensing Cable Technology Raul Risi France TTK Pipeline Technology Conference 2016
Charting The Way Ahead for International Collaboration on Pipeline Research and Development Cliff Johnson United States PRCI - Pipeline Research Council International Pipeline Technology Conference 2012
Climate Protection in the Transport Sector – What has to be done to meet to Climate Goals. The View of the German and European Refinery Industry Dr. Christian Küchen Germany MWV - Association of the German Petroleum Industry Pipeline Technology Conference 2019
Co-creation between pipeline operator and machinery OEM in the development of a modern gas turbine Antonio Asti United States Baker Hughes Pipeline Technology Conference 2019
CO2 Infrastructure in Germany Klaus-Dieter Barbknecht Germany VNG-Verbundnetz Gas AG Pipeline Technology Conference 2009
CO2 Pipeline Transport From Germany to Algeria David Haumann Germany EnBW Energie Baden-Württemberg Pipeline Technology Conference 2012
Coatings and CP Dinko Cudic Netherlands Seal For Life Industries Pipeline Technology Conference 2015
Coatings removal by Induction– A new approved method for use on pipes and active pipelines Hans Petter Engejordet Norway RPR Technologies Pipeline Technology Conference 2019
CoiFlatLine - A game changing approach to ultradeepwater pipeline Philippe Nobileau France MARINOVATION Pipeline Technology Conference 2013
Cold Metal Transfer - CMT - A Revolution in Mechanized Root Pass Pipeline Welding Ryan Fokens United States CRC-Evans Automatic Welding Pipeline Technology Conference 2009


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