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8 Jun 2015 to 10 Jun 2015
Estrel, Berlin, Germany

Proceedings (ISSN 2510-6716)

Topic Author(s)
A Comprehensive Approach To Integrity Of Non-Piggable Pipelines Based On Combined DCVG/CIPS/MTM Survey Sergey Mashurov, Abdudzhabbor Mirzoev, Jerzy Sibila
Achieving Traceability of Material and Construction Quality in Real Time on Pipeline Construction Projects Abhay Chand
An Integrated Approach to Integrity for the Un-Piggable Pipe: New Inline and External Techniques Shamus McDonnell, Mike Wrigglesworth, Tim Ross, Chukwuma Onuoha
Application of 3D Laser Method for Corrosion Assessment of Oil&Gas pipelines and pressure components Pierre-Hugues Allard, Jean-Simon Fraser
Application of high pressure injection method in the vicinity of pipelines Annett Bartscher-Hartmann
Assessment and treatment of earthquake-related geohazards threatening offshore gas pipelines in the Mediterranean sea Andreas A. Antoniou, Prodromos N. Psarropoulos , Yiannis Tsompanakis
Building the Fluid Highways of the future - the Long Pipes, Fluid Highway, development program so far Neil Graham ,Alexander Lapitsky
Case History in Optimization of Crude Oil Pumping Through an Accessed Point on a Strategic Pipeline Hesham A. M. Abdou
Coatings and CP Dinko Cudic, Erik Broesder
Combined Ultrasonic Tethered Tool for Inspection of Weld Cracks in Offshore Pipelines: Tool Qualification and First Inspection Results from Offshore Inspection Thor-Ståle Kristiansen, Herbert Willems, Hans Petter Bjørgen, Guus Wieme
Comparative study of different fluids flowing in a Supersonic separator used in Subsea Gas Pipeline systems Lokesh Kumar Mylapilli, Dr. Gurunadh Velidi,K.P. Vipul Ram
Compliance kit for easy retrofitting to TRFL and API Hubert Mäncher
Considerations on the Risk of Hydrogen Embrittlement of Pipeline Steel due to Cathodic Overprotection Dr. Hanns-Georg Schöneich
Continuous Monitoring of Pipe Coating During Pulling Operation in a Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) Kamyar Darbandi
Decision Making Matrix for Emergency Pipeline Repairs Harshad S. Phadnis, Nawin K. Singh, Manoj Kulshrestha and Sajith Nair.
Deep Sea - High Tech, Collapse Resistant Pipes for the South Stream Offshore Project Hans-Georg Hillenbrand, Christian Schruff, Jens Schröder, Ludwig Oesterlein, Andreas Liessem
Deformation behaviour of HFI-welded pipes – some examples of present applications – Holger Brauer, Susanne Höhler, Marion Erdelen-Peppler, Gerard Jonkergouw
Deformation in gas pipeline due to creep process in soil slope Santos, Thiago da Costa; Peixoto, Vinicius Carvalho; Kunitaki, Denise Margareth Kazue Nishimura;
Dhatec Certification Program for Pipe Protection Products Bernadet Gijsbers and Idsart van Assema
Disrupt, Collapse, Transform - Future of NDT from Periodic Testing to Continuous Monitoring Nikhil Jain
Ensuring safety of compressor and pump stations trough comprehensive robotic inspection of underground piping Sergio Porcellotti
Experimental and numerical investigations on the fracture behavior of an API 5L X100M base material and weldings Andreas Horn, Richard Tichy, Reinhold Ebner,A. Hammer,R. Egger,R. Schnitzer,P. Gänser
Finite element simulation of guided waves to detect product theft from pipelines Salisu El-Hussein, Dr Andrew Starkey and Dr John J Harrigan
Flaw Acceptance Criteria for Thin Walled Offshore Pipelines Cosmas Vlattas, Konstantinos Katsounis, Paul Breckon
Flexible ARO Dual Layer FBE System Dr. Jennifer K. Pratt, Aneece Yousif
Fully automated gluing station for continuous pipeline deformation monitoring and 3-D positioning Aldo Minardo, Luigi Zeni, Romeo Bernini, Maurizio Mirabile
Impact of Advances in Seam Weld Assessment to Integrity Management: A Series of Case Studies Ian Smith P.Eng. and Dr. Ted Anderson P.E.
In-service Relocation of 24 inch Wet Acid Flare Line Header Roya Moradifar, Faranoosh Ahmadi Abkenar, Ali Reza Shariati
Inspection of Challenging Pipelines M Beller, C. Sabido, T. Steinvoorte
Installation and Design of Large Diameter of HDPE Pipeline for Intake Water Youngtae Kim
Integrated Solution of SCADA and Modular Technology Packages to Support the Operators During the Lifecycle of Pipelines Klaus-Peter Fischer, Dr. Andreas Wolters
Integration of The Pipelines in The Urban Infrastructure Beverly T. Kuhn, Carlos Loch, Aloisio Pereira da Silva
Intelligent Pipeline Solution: Leveraging breakthrough Industrial Internet technologies and Big Data analytics for safer, more efficient oil and gas pipeline operations Alex Hochstein, Elaine Horn, Mauricio Palomino
Lateral Buckling Capacity of Surface Laid Subsea Pipeline I. Obele; D. Karunakaran; D. Achani
Leak Detection in Crude Oil Pipelines by leak detection pigs Harald Weber
Leak Detection – The necessety for pinhole leak detection – ways and means to a professional approach Rene Landstorfer
Magnetic Eddy Current In-Line Inspection Tool Development for CRA Pipelines Stefanie Asher, Andreas Boenisch, Konrad Reber
MARV Multi-Analytic Risk Visualization tool Asle Venas,Francois Ayello
Modular Pipeline Risk Assessment Sebastian Ruik Beyhaut, Iain Richardson, Otto Huisman, Mark Wright
Modularization and Standardization of Pump Station Design Carles Giro
Multi Method Leak Detection on a 120km 10” Ethylene Gas Pipeline Daniel Vogt
New approach to the results of internal inspection Aleš Brynych, Alexandrs Jelinskis
On The Carbon Footprint of Compressor Stations Rainer Kurz, Pierre Brousse
PA12 - A New Material For Onshore, Offshore And Subsea Applications Markus Hartmann, Jan Berger, Daniel Demicoli, Jochen Fritz
Pipeline Bending Strain Assessment using ILI Tools: A Case Study Pipeline Bending Strain Assessment using ILI Tools: A Case Study
Pipeline Corrosion in a 24”dia Crude Oil Pipeline due to Interference from High Voltage A.C.Transmission Line: A Case Study B.D. Yadav, Sanjay K. Jha, Randhir Kumar
Pipeline Integrated Management Systems - An Integrated Model Dr. M. Toft, D. Keen, A. Fuller
Pipeline Integrity Analysis (PIA2) - A Survey Concept for Non-Piggable Gas Transport Pipelines with Spigot-and-Socket Connection Dr. Carmen Acht, Christian Engel, Dr. Ulrich Marewski, Dr. Michael Steiner
Possible Reasons Why Calculations Of Inductive Interference Pipeline Voltages Are Higher Than Conducted Measurements Christian Wahl, Ernst Schmautzer
Pressurised Pipeline Repair or Modification; Enabled by Double Block and Bleed Isolation Tools Dale Millward
Protecting onshore pipelines from the geohazard of seismic slope instability Prodromos N. Psarropoulos, Andreas A. Antoniou
Protecting Pipeline Management System Investment Martin te Lintelo, Eduard van Loenen
realSens Remote Leak Detection, Performance Analysis based on a 4-Year Operations Record Adrian Banica ,Dr. Boyd Tolton
Recommended practices for the integrity mechanical and risk management in pipelines using the codes ASME and ANSI API Leonardo Espinosa Cortes
Relining in Domestic Waste Water Pipeline in Sweden Parastou Kharazmi, Folke Björk,Tord af Klintberg
Remote Gas Leak Detection By Infrared Spectroscopy and Laser Technology-Benefits of Active and Passive Remote Gas Leak Detection Sebastian Wilkens
Requirements for Real-Time Oil and Gas Pipeline Surveillance with Wireless Sensors for Theft and Sabotage Mitigation Johnson Eze, Christopher Nwagboso, Robert Newman, Panagiotis Georgakis
Risk Based Technical Assurance of Deepwater Pipelines Asle Venas
Safety and Security: Integrated Solution Concepts for High-threat Areas Marc Carrier, Louis Harnois,Kevin Tardif ,Martin Tremblay ,Martin Laporte
Safety in building and routing high-pressure pipelines Ulrich Hoffmann, Jörg Himmerich
Seismic Analysis of Buried Steel Pipeline Subjected to Ground Deformation with Emphasis on the Numerical Modelling Optimization Gersena Banushi
Selection Guide for Pipeline Leak Detection Systems Dr. Michael Kasch
Strain Rate Effect on Strength and Orientation Effect on Toughness of Modern High-Strength Pipe Steels S. Xu, W.R. Tyson
Technical performances comparison between heat shrinkable sleeves, cold applied tapes and polymeric backed mesh coatings Luc Perrad (Polyguard) & Nabil Hamdy (Petrojet)
Technical safety and welding simulation of welding work on high-pressure gas pipelines in operation Andreas Raschke
The analysis of the impact of falling objects on buried pipelines H.M.G. Kruse and D. Nugroho
The application of a hybrid wave and finite element technique to investigate reflected/transmitted power through bends in pipework Andrea Ricci, Jamil Renno, Neil Ferguson
The application of ILI and PIM in Iraqi national oil companies and the reflect on reducing oil spills and improvement exporting Prof. Alaa Mohammed Abdullah - Mrs. Miaad Mustafa Abdullah
The Nord Stream Offshore Pipeline Repair Strategy - Preparing for Contingencies Andrew Mark Turnbull, Andrey Voronov
The Proven Efficiency of Epoxy Flow Coats for The Protection of Gas Transmission Pipelines Pascal Collet, Bernard Chizat
Transportation of Heavy Crude Oils through Heated Pipeline-Assessment of Relative Economics Anand Kumar Tiwari, Sanjay Kumar Jha, Randhir Kumar
Use of Acoustics for not Invasive Buckle Detection in Offshore Pipelines C. Molinari, A. Calzavara, P. Catena, L. Pagani, D. Rossin, G. Bernasconi, M. Signori
Use of Industrial By-Products in Pipeline Concrete Coatings Mohit Jain, Rajshree Bhardwaj
What are The Differences Between Composite Repairs, What Should a Pipeline Operator be Aware of When Choosing a Composite Repair? James Knights, Andrew Patrick