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23 May 2016 to 25 May 2016
Estrel, Berlin, Germany

Proceedings (ISSN 2510-6716)

Topic Author(s)
A Case Study How Reduced Uncertainties of Latest Enhancements in Ultrasonic Wall Measurement ILI Technology Benefit Engineering Criticality Assessments Premysl Kuchar, Albrecht Schmid, Iryna Lachtchouk, Jane Dawson, Martin Tschuch, Thomas Reiter
A Proposal Procedure to Estimate the Hydrogen Induced Cracking Growth Rate Walter F. GONZALEZ, Jorge L. GONZALEZ, Diego I. RIVAS, H.DORANTES R.
A smart decision-support GIS-based tool for the optimization of pipeline routing taking into consideration the potential geohazards Prodromos N. Psarropoulos, Stefanos Tsougkranis, Andreas A. Antoniou
A system for addressing the challenge of circumferential Stress Corrosion Cracking. Roland Palmer-Jones
A Variety of Trenchless Technologies for Pipeline installation Michael Lubberger
Air Monitoring project – enhanced pipeline monitoring Vincent Fournier, Diane Michalon
Airborne automatic oil leak detection - A novel approach Eric Bergeron
An Innovative Design for Lateral Pipes in Sewer Systems Alaa Abbas, Kithsiri Dissanayake, Felicite Ruddock, Rafid Alkhaddar, Robert Andoh
Asset Integrity Management and the Dilemma of maintenance planning Felix Weise, Florian Dinauer, Peter Wiecha, Christoph Schmidt
Asset Management and Loss Prevention Strategies for Large Diameter Pipelines Pedro Pina
Asset Management of High Pressure Installations: Project GRAID - an innovation project to develop a robotics system for internal inspection of buried pipework Richard Waine, Ian Butt, Wez Little, Gary Senior
Assuring the Integrity of Subsea Pipeline Butt Welds through Design, Construction and Operational Life. Harry Cotton, Istvan Bartha, David Lee
Automated Small Leak Detection from Hazardous Liquid Pipelines Using Multi-Platform Remote Sensing Maria Araujo, Shane Siebenaler, Sue Baldor, Edmond Dupont, Daniel Davila, Samantha Blaisdell
Balancing the Electric Grid with a Dual Drive Centrifugal Pipeline Compressor Stefan Stollenwerk, Arnd Schmücker, Wolfgang Faller, Rainer Kurz, James Neeves
Benefits of a holistic water and drainage information system Malte Martin
Beyond 3D: Extending life of subsea assets by applying advanced simulation and prediction Pawel Michalak, Graham Viecelli
BIL- Germany`s approach to implement a cost-free digging request portal Jens Focke
Cable-less TV-Inspection of Pipelines with Integrated Leak Detection Michael Huainig,Sylvia Petschnig
CATES (Consequence Assessment Tool for Emergency Situation) Olivier Baldan, Espen Funnemark, Asmund Huser, Johan Ingvarson
Challenges in Implementing a Software Based Leak Detection System in a Brownfield Environment Ferenc Péterfalvi , Szilárd Szelmann
Challenges of Geotechnical Engineering Studies of Pipelines in the Gulf Of Mexico, New Challenges to Pipeline With High Temperature and High Pressure Mireles G M, Trejo N PC, Quej A LM
Challenges to Achieve Reliable Hydrocarbon Leak Detection. Evaluation of Different External Leak Sensing Systems : Existing Technologies vs. New Sensing Cable Technology Stéfan balatchev, Raul Risi
Combined wastewater feed directly into final clarification – advantage for receiving rivers Peter Hartwig
Continuous Depth Sizing of ILI Ultrasonic Crack Detection A. Atto, M. Grigat, J. Voss
Crude Oil Pump Stations – Optimization CAPEX + OPEX Gerd Kloeppner
Current topics of odorizing in Germany Kerstin Kröger, Frank Graf
Damage Detection in Natural Gas Distribution Pipeline Network Based on Vibration Signal Analysis Luís Antônio Zanette, Nilson Barbieri, Julio Cézar de Almeida
Deepwater NDT Technology for pipes and tubular structures Y. Lage, G. Edwards, B. Borretzen, S. Soua, T. Gan
Detection of Defects in Spiral/Helical Pipes Using RF Technology Wissam Alobaidi, Eric Sandgren
Developing a 3D Spatial Pipeline Data Model towards Web-based 3D Pipeline GIS Application Zhenpei Li, Jinfei Wang, Jeff Allen, Robert Brook
Development of a Remote Cathodic Protection Potential Measuring System Based on IoT Young-don Ryou, Jin-han Lee, Young-do Jo, Jin-jun Kim, Min-sung Seo
Development of large diameter clad bend M. Erdelen-Peppler, M. Bockelmann, G. Heigl, E. Muthmann, C. Prothe
Developments in SCADA solutions for central control rooms and multi-site infrastructure Martin te Lintelo
DTH steel casing drilling for pipeline construction in hard ground and rock conditions: technology and case examples Kimmo Juvani, Jouni Jokela, Tuomas Lassheikki, Manuel Rohr
Energy Recovery in Crude Oil Pipelines Thomas Rother
Engineering Piping Systems and Pre-fabrication of Spools for Construction Productivity and Quality Muthiah Kannappan
Enhancement of Mechanical Properties in High Strength Steels Coils for ERW Casing and Tubing Application Kwang Seop Ro, Sayedur Rehman, Milind Patil
Essential Parameters for Determining Gas Pipeline In-Line Inspection Interval Hossein Abdi
Experimental Setup Design for Observing Response of Three Different Networks used in Energy Management and Leak Detection Ahmet Koyun, Ömer Faruk Güney, Barış Can Yalçın
Exploration of Physical and Chemical Properties of Steel of Long-Operated Pipelines and Estimation of their Remaining Safe Service Life Pavel Revin
Field Study on Small Diameter PVC Pipe and Leak Detection Technology Yoshikazu Tanaka, Kazuhiko Tsuda
Fighting Corrosion on an Ageing Pipeline Markus Seitz
First experiences with applying CHARM® second generation Axel Scherello
Hot tapping and product theft on pipelines: A way to detect and locate these spots during normal operation Rene Landstorfer
How MFL Inspection data contribute to Integrity Management of Difficult-to-Pig Pipelines Peter van Beugen, Marleen Gebraad, Julie Helleman
Hydrostatic Test Plugs A.G.C.M. (Ron) de Rijk
Implementation and evaluation of the joint trench model (Infravias system) – Sapiens Parque Project Aloisio Pereira Da Silva, Carlos Loch, Beverly T. Kuhn
In-Line Inspections in Gas Distribution Pipelines with Extreme Operating Conditions Michael Beller, Tom Steinvoorte, Stephan Harmsen
Innovations and Technological Developments in Long Distance Water Transmission Systems - Case Study of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Alexander Heinz, Bernhard Lässer
Innovative coatings and linings resisting mechanical and chemical wear Friedrich Karau
Innovative socket pipe systems as an economic solution for pipeline construction Dr. Friedrich Karau
Insights into Europe's largest deep gravity sewer project, the "Emscher Kanal" Robert Stein
Inspection of subsea pipelines with the MEC™-Combi Crawler K. Reber, A. Boenisch, S. Hartmann
Integrity of longitudinal welds on bends – choice of relevant test methods M. Erdelen-Peppler, E. Muthmann, A. Mondry
Intelligent Pipe Systems via the Smart Combination of Various Materials Thorsten Späth
Introduction of a new field-applied corrosion system designed for pipelines Michael Schad
Investigating the response of rigid pipes with poor haunch support subjected to traffic live load using numerical modelling Saif Alzabeebee, David N Chapman, Ian Jefferson, Asaad Faramarzi
Iran Pipeline Industry: Capabilities, Technical-Economical Problems & Development Plans Hamidreza Ettelaie
Long term durability of composite pipeline repairs James Knights
Material Cost Savings from Pipeline Wall Thickness Optimization—Design Case Ahmad M. Saif
Mobile Compressor - responsible use of primary energies, avoidance of climate-harming methan emissions Christian Hadick
Monitoring Pipeline Right of Way Using Optical Satellite Imagery Igor Zakharov, Paul Adlakha, Thomas Puestow, Desmond Power, Sherry Warren, Mark Howell
New Technologies Data Management - VintriPLANT & Shawcor Case Study Neil Uppal, Neil Glazenburg
Novel minimally-disruptive mitigation methods for pipework vibration issues Toby Miles
Optimization Consumption for Diesel Fuel Through Crude Oil Pumping in Western Desert, Egypt Hesham A. M. Abdou
Optimizing investment strategies for water distribution networks Mike Beck
Physicochemical effect of different types soils from México in the SCC of low carbon pipeline steels A. Contreras, J.L. Alamilla, H. Liu, L. M. Quej, E. Sosa
Pipe features identified during inline inspection using MFL pigs Hossein Karbasian, Susanne Höhler, Johannes Brückner
Pipe robots for internal inspection of pipelines – Ultrasonic wall thickness determination in district heating lines Alexander Reiss
Pipeline Leak Detection System Optimization Using Model Based Approaches Axel Hundermark, Daniel Vogt
Pipeline Management System Badr M. AlHussain
Pipeline monitoring and third-party damage assessment by multi-platform sensor networks F. Catani, M. Costanzo, A. Minardo, M. Mirabile, L. Picarelli, G. Soda, A. Tiranti, L. Zeni
Pipeline Monitoring by Intelligent High Performance Elastomer Coatings Michael Magerstädt, Thorsten Räth, Rainer Altmeppen, Dirk Larink, Sascha Pargen, Dieter Meendermann, Jie-Wei Chen, Holger Rosenbleck-Schmidt
Pipeline Scada Virtualization - a Dream or Real Lifecycle Cost Saving Wimmer Helmut
Pipestatus - a project that deals with condition assessment of buried district heating and water pipes Kenneth M Persson, Jesper König, Sten Bergstrand, Stefan Strand, Maria Rindelöv, Jing Li
Predicting the Future - Applying Corrosion Growth Rates Derived from Repeat ILI Runs Jane Dawson, Lautaro Ganim
Preventive Gas Leak Detection in Germany - sample of no value or benchmark for the industry? Ulrich J. Steinacker, Volker Heimburger
Probability Risk Assessment in Marine Pipelines by Updating Parameters Configuration of Piramid Tool J. L. González-Velázquez J. L. Altamirano-Flores, J. Villagómez-Ortega, Á. Graniel-Romero.
Recent Advancements in Ultrasonic In-Line Inspection Herbert Willems, Gerhard Kopp
Reduction of CO2 Corrosion of API-5L by “ 2-Mercaptobenzimidazole” as inhibitor Ahmad zamani gharaghooshi, esmaeel akbarinejhad, Naser esmaeeli
Reveal your pipeline DNA: Uncover Pipe Grade Uncertainties with ROMAT Thomas Eiken, Werner Thale
Robotic In-Line Inspection of Unpiggable Pump Station Piping on Trans-Alaska Pipeline System (TAPS) Jonathan Minder
SAInt - A simulation tool for analyzing the consequences of gas supply disruptions Kwabena Addo Pambour, Ricardo Bolado-Lavin, Gerard P. J. Dijkema
Seismic analysis and design of offshore pipelines Andreas A. Antoniou, Prodromos N. Psarropoulos, Maria Trimintziou
SGT-750 Gas Turbine Case Study Mexico Douglas Petrie, John Wolohan
Sustainable Complete Streets - integration between urban design and underground infrastructure Aloisio Pereira Da Silva, Carlos Loch, Beverly T. Kuhn
Taking-off with UAVs: Just a hype or future key technology in pipeline integrity management Josef Alois Birchbauer, Stefan Wakolbinger, Michael Hornacek, Claudia Windisch, Mike Liepe
Testing non-shielding coating Luc Perrad
The Corrosion Control Technology for High H2S and CO2 Content Natural Gas Gathering and Transportation System Jianfeng Shang, Li Du, Cheng Zhang, Zhongli Ji
The Influence of Bourdon Effect and Ovalization Effect on The Stress Distribution on Pipe Elbows Diana Abdulhameed, Roger Cheng, Michael Martens, Samer Adeeb
Theft detection and tapping point location using multi-method technology Andy Hoffman, Harry Smith, Jun Zhang, Peter Han
Trenchless replacement of defective sewer pipelines using pipe bursting Björn Freimuth
UK Military Onshore and Offshore Pipeline Systems - Past, Present and Future Challenges Richard Costen
Underground DC Cable Links - Implementation and Construction Challenges Fred Wendt