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18 Mar 2019 to 21 Mar 2019
Estrel, Berlin, Germany

Proceedings (ISSN 2510-6716)

Topic Author(s)
A Case Study How Reduced Uncertainties of Latest Generation of Ultrasonic Crack Detection ILI Technology Benefit Engineering Criticality Assessments Stephan Tappert, Mathieu Suss, Iryna Lachtchouk, Jane Dawson, Dr. Thomas Hoffmann, Martin Tschuch
A Comprehensive Quality Guideline for the Treatment of Unexploded Ordnance Encountered During Offshore Pipeline Construction Torsten Frey, Prof. Robert Holländer, Mathias Ortleb
A Multi-level Assessment on Stress Corrosion Cracking Susceptibility Ricardo Almandoz, Dr. Erika Santana, Dr. Daniel Sandana, Fernando Merotto
A multilevel approach to seismic design of gas transportation pipeline Dr. Vincenzo Nisii, Dr. Salvatore Morgante, Dr. Diego D'Alberto
A New In-Line Inspection Tool for the Combined Crack, Metal Loss and Dent Detection : First Results and benefits’ Stephane Benichou
Achieve Optimum Benefits from Field Verifications through Successful Operator - Vendor Cooperation Sayan Pipatpan
Advanced Onshore Pipeline Anchoring Optimisation Elie Dib, Adham Ghali
An innovative pipeline integrity management approach for the SCC threat Audrey Guion, David Le Friant
Anticipating bunkering events: notable cases evidence using Vibroacoustic Leak Detection Technology to detect precursors. Marco Marino, Dr. Fabio Chiappa, Dr. Giuseppe Giunta
Behind Closed Doors: Pipeline Closures Revisited Alan Morton, Kolton Landreth
Between a rock and a hard place: Transmission system operators in the context of legal obligation and public perception. The case of SuedLink. Thomas Wagner
Brent Bypass Phase 1 Project – The success story so far Dr. Cliff Ho, Andy Sutherland, Gary McGee
Case studies for intelligent pigging of 'unpiggable' offshore pipelines Edwin Rosier
Case Study: Inspection of an oxygen pipeline in Germany using Magnetic Flux Leakage (MFL) during a refinery shutdown Jochen Ahlers, Dr. Rainer Keienburg, Kristoffer Kotzur
Climate Protection in the Transport Sector – What has to be done to meet to Climate Goals. The View of the German and European Refinery Industry Dr. Christian Küchen
Co-creation between pipeline operator and machinery OEM in the development of a modern gas turbine Dr. ANTONIO ASTI, Dr. Barry Ruggiero, Dr. francesco trincia
Coatings removal by Induction– A new approved method for use on pipes and active pipelines Hans Petter Engejordet
Construction of a high-pressure gas pipeline PN 25 by means of trenchless technologies in the Czech Republic Robert Goletz, Frantisek Humhal
Cross Country Pipeline Risk-Based Failure Prediction Using Hybrid Fuzzy Rule and Grey Theory In FMEA – A Nigeria’s Pipeline System Case Study Shamsudeen Hassan, Prof. Jin Wang, Abdulbasi Muhammad
Crossing with Care - Major HDD crossings on the TAP project Denis Pellerin, Erhard Kracht
Current View of Design and Evaluation of Sulfur Pipelines Dr. Kai Bauerbach, Dr. Paschalis Grammenoudis
Defect Tolerance of the Bond Line of Electric Welded Pipe – Test Data and Fracture Mechanics Assessments R. Andrews, Neil Gallon, C. Perez, H. Löbbe
Depth of Cover, is my pipeline at risk ? Hans Overdijkink
Digital solutions for gas turbines: the case for Dry Low Emissions Combustion System Auto-mapping for unmanned operations of LM2500s Giovanni Tonno, Gianni Bagni, Francesco Bardi, David Ghelardi
Don’t just be in the industry, be a part of it Danny Molyneux
DVGW TSM, G1000 Regulation’s Impact on Qualification and Development using the example of ONTRAS Peggy Zeppei
Early Public Participation during Project Development – Key Challenges and Digital Opportunities Christian Möller
Effectiveness of cathodic protection under disbonded coatings: On the implications of shielding conditions on the integrity of pipelines Dr. Markus Büchler
Energy Recovery Station at Transalpine Pipeline (TAL): From a Vision to an innovative Crude Oil Pipeline Power Plant (Design – Construction – Operation) Markus Mühlmann, Markus Klingenschmid, Dietmar Lehner
Engineered Insulation Solution for Molten Sulphur Transfer System Patrizio Sala
Engineering assessment of flexible pipes using ILI data Roland Palmer-Jones, Andrew Burton, Manuel Quack
Facing growing opposition to large-scale projects Marcus Mattis
Fatigue damage analysis for scouring induced free spans: the Blue Stream case Furio Marchesani, Michele Drago, Angela Scuri, Vladimir Korneyev, Vanni Damiani
Field Applied Coatings: Interaction with Cathodic Protection Luc Perrad
Field experimental research on application of strain special optical cable and parallel optical cable Shi ning, Dr. Zhang Dong, Luyao Bai, Geng Lin
Field Trial of Distributed Fiber-Optic Sensing for Pipeline Leak Detection Shane Siebenaler, Dr. Zhen Li, Dr. David Norman, John Hull, Jacqueline Manders
High-resolution in-line inspection of internally cement coated brine water pipelines Christoph Sur, Basil Hostage
How Customized Pipeline Education Can Secure the profound Development of Knowledge of Young Professionals Cindy Dirkx
How is the industry viewed around the world? Cliff Johnson
Identification of Cathodic Interference on Pipelines Dr. Eva Benz
Identification of Ground Heave Associated with Pipeline Leaks Utilising Optical Fibre Based Distributed Acoustic Sensing Dr. Peter Hayward, Tom Fryer, Michael Pearce
Illegal hot taping – a case study on how to detect and locate product theft Rene Landstorfer
Improvement of Project Risk Management - Evaluation and optimization of a project risk management system for major midstream oil & gas projects Tobias Baier
Improving pipeline integrity assessments using optimised probabilistic acceleration techniques. Aidan Charlton, Toby Fletcher, Nigel Curson
Improving Pipeline Leak Detection Capabilities of Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS) Using Artificial Intelligence Maria Araujo, Heath Spidle, David Vickers, Shane Siebenaler
Intelligent a.c. mitigation device VCSD, that minimize the negative effects of electromagnetic interferences on pipelines, especially in terms of personal protection. Tobias Braun
Intelligent Predictive Maintenance in the context of Maintenance 4.0 for Oil & Gas Industry Dr. Rama Srinivasan Velmurugan
Internal corrosions in oil and gas transport pipelines Mina Khoda Karami
Investigation of the influence on the heat transferred from a pipeline to the ground due to the presence of adjacent pipelines using Finite Element Method Daniel Fuertbauer, Dr. Chuan Cheng
Investigation of the mechanical properties of single-pass hybrid laser-arc welded thick X120 pipeline steel plates Ömer Üstündag, Dr. Sergej Gook, Dr. Andrey Gumenyuk, Prof. Michael Rethmeier
It is all about the roughness Dinko Cudic
Key factors for successful communication of infrastructure projects - and their impact on strategy and tools Daiel Hitschfeld
Learning from Failures: Moving from ‘Failure’ Cause to ‘Root’ Cause Dr. Phil Hopkins
Life Cycle Extension Strategies Alberto Montoya, Sandra Mora, Alejandro Rincon, Jorge Cruz
Mastering the Temperbead Technique for In-Service Maintenance Welding Part 1 Tran Mah-Paulson, Chris Vrolyk, Dan Nowak
Mitigating Damage On Inaccessible Pipeline Installations Ron Raphoon, Krzysztof Kaczmarczyk
Nord Stream 2 : Enhancing European Energy Security Ulrich Lissek
Novel Oil Leak Detection Monitoring System for Above Ground Pipeline Dr. Steve Edmondson, Adrian Banica
Offshore earthquake-related geohazards and route optimization of offshore pipelines, risers, and cables Dr. Prodromos Psarropoulos, Dr. Andreas Antoniou, Dr. Yiannis Tsompanakis
Participation as a persistent expectation in a post-modern society: How public communication gains public acceptance Dr. Felix Krebber
Participation in Denmark. Can Germany learn from its Neighbour? Stephan Siegert
Pathfinder - A new direction in pipeline proving and operational pigging performance management. David Cockfield, Peter Ward
Pigging Sealing Disc Failure Analysis Khajornkai Kitisiri
Pinhole Detection with Ultra-High-Resolution Axial Magnetic Flux Leakage (MFL-A Ultra) Technology - How the most recent MFL innovation revolutionizes the detection capabilities for previously undetectable threats Johannes Spille, Michael Rapp, Hazem Rahmah
Pipeline Leak Detection Technologies and Selection Criteria Mowaffak Midani, Dr. Martin Liu
Pipeline Operational Integrity, Management & Compliance in the age of IIOT Stephen Hill
Pipeline operator and integrated ILI provider. Unique case study. A new look from inside to pipeline integrity issues and ILI practices for high reliable pipeline networks Alexey V. Khutoretsky
PipeMon+® – "real-time" pipeline monitoring for third party interference detection and accident prevention Hans-Willy Theilmeier-Aldehoff, Katharina Grothues, Dr. Axel Scherello
Product Theft Detection and Localization on Pipelines using Theft Pattern Recognition Daniel Vogt, Max Ihring
Public Perception in Gas Transmission Pipeline Projects - ZEELINK Dr. Jochen Stratmann
Pumping smarter via analytics and artificial intelligence Corie Allemand
Quality process digitalization of pipeline construction Léna MUSCILLO, Jonathan Muscillo, Audrey Lavandier
Quantitative estimation of MIC corrosion processes by electrochemical techniques and MIC modelling Herman de Vries, Elsemiek Croese, Jelmer Bekius, Friso Postma, Eugenio Lo Piccolo, Luciana Intiso, Roberta Prencipe, Serena Colella
Re-coating of oldest pipeline @Bolivia GSCY (24" x 540 km) Jaime Portugal Zeballos
Regularities of pipelines stress corrosion cracking Dr. Ilya Ryakhovskikh, Dr. Roman Bogdanov, Dr. Andrey Arabey
Renewable Energies for a Sustainable Transportation System Dr. Klaus Bonhoff
Risk Based Inspection of Khurais Fields' Flowlines Abdulla Hammraa, Abdulelah Mehlisi
River crossing and water crossing survey by airborne bathymetric laser scanning - Case study TAG Rupert Kellerbauer
Scraper Door Integrity & Operations; A case study of Maintaining Integrity of Doors Mousa Alharbi, Khaled Al-Odaib, Abdulrahman Al-Shammari, Dr. Husain Al-Muslim
SEEVE: a GIS tool to estimate earthworks in onshore pipeline projects Dr. Matteo Alesi
Simulation of gas crises with hydraulic models Dr. Hugo Calisto, Dr. Nicola Zaccarelli, Dr. Maria Aranzazu Aznarez Salvatierra, Dr. Nuria Rodriguez Gomez, Dr. Ricardo Bolado Lavin
Skin Effect Heat Management System (SEHMS) For Waxy Crude & High Temperature Pipelines Ashish Gupta
Soil liquefaction and lateral spreading: Serious threats for onshore, nearshore and offshore pipelines Dr. Andreas Antoniou, Dr. Prodromos Psarropoulos
Solid Oxide Fuel Cells as an Economic Approach for Continuous Power Supply in Off-Grid Applications Markus Muench, Tobias Seidel, Michael Pruggmayer
Study of fuel transportation polychloroprene pipes degradation. Proposal of a characteristic stress endurance model Prof. Ayache Amar
The Art of Looking: An In-Line Inspection Perspective Dr. Mike Kirkwood, Dane Burden, Miguel Maldonado
The Digital Pipeline Project - Successfully Instituting a Digital Quality Management System on the TANAP Project. Fatih Erdem, Abhay Chand
The Effect of Residual Longitudinal Compressive Stress in Onshore Buried Steel Pipelines Vaughan Pryce-jenkins, Will Heaps, Elie Dib
The German Gas and Water Association’s Approach to Attract Students Stephan Tolkmitt
The impact of dread on the value of reducing fatal risks Susan Chilton
The Importance of Competence in the Pipeline Industry Dr. Phil Hopkins
The mechanism of coatings disbondment and associated corrosion risks Dr. Ashokanand Vimalanandan
The Next Level of Reliability and Accuracy in Crack Detection Dr. Thomas Hennig, Rogelio Guajardo, Dr. Michael Haas, Carlota Mendez
The Process Engineer’s Automated Workplace software as a tool for planning and monitoring energy efficiency of oil and petroleum products transportation Andrey V. Kudritsky
The Role of Gas Pipelines in Decarbonization of EU’s Energy Sector Barbara Jinks
The Trans Anatolian Pipeline (TANAP) through Turkey – Construction of a 1,850 km pipeline under challenging climatic and topographical conditions Polad Rustamov
TurkStream: Design and Construction of Ultra-deepwater Gas Pipelines in the Black Sea Sander van Rootselaar, Jay Chaudhuri
Understanding young professionals now, for a better future in Pipeline James Leigh
Use of Fiber Optic Technology in Monitoring Steel Sleeves and Composite Wrap Reinforcements Dr. Chris Alexander, Alan Turner, Ryan Lavergne
Using Analytics to Leverage Data in the Midstream Pipeline Industry Jacques van Dijk