Event Date: 
15 Mar 2021 to 18 Mar 2021

Proceedings (ISSN 2510-6716)

Topic Author(s)
A discussion on the benefits of modern communications for pipeline operations Ian Holden
A holistic approach to the integrity assessment of ageing sewer pipelines Sameera Naib, Hector Hernandez Delgadillo, Frank Verkuijlen, Rudy Dijkstra
A New Phased Array Sensor for Pipeline Inspection – Optimization and Quantitative Performance Evaluation Martin Spies, Olaf Müller, Iryna Lachtchouk, Martin Tschuch
A Population-Based Study On The Prevalence Of Corrosion In Pipelines Erika Santana, Roland Palmer-Jones, Michael Smith, Matthew Capewell, Konstantinos Pesinis, Jonathan Martin
A Proactive Approach to Class Location Management for Gas Pipelines Helen Tambolim, Rafael Nunes, Bernardo Pessoa, Luiza Rocha, Pedro Gea, Felipe Botelho
A Robust Qualification of Fiber-Sensing for Leak Detection, based on Hyper-Scan Technology Eran Inbar
A vibroacoustic integrated technology for the detection of a wide spectrum of illegal activities Marco Marino, Fabio Chiappa, Giuseppe Giunta
Active acoustics in water distribution networks for leak detection and localization Marshal Kafle, Sriram Narasimhan
Advanced Eddy Current Array Tools for Stress Corrosion Cracking Direct Assessment on Pipelines Mathieu Bouchard, Michael Sirois, Ahmed Sweedy
Advances in In-Field ILI Indication and Material Verification Phill Robson, David Baglin, Tom Oldfield, Neil Gallon
Are your pipelines H2 ready? Mike Kirkwood, Matt Romney, Troy Geren, Tod Barker
Artificial Intelligence in the Design of Offshore Lifelines against Geohazards Prodromos Psarropoulos, Nikolaos Makrakis, Konstantinos Boutikas, Maria Papathoma
Automatic 3D-Localisation Of Buried Pipeline And Depth Of Cover: Magnetic Investigation Under Operational Conditions Mehdi M. Laichoubi, Marc Munschy, Samir Takillah, Sylvain Decombe, Vincent Benet, Aude Labrosse, Damien Lefebvre
Bi-directional in-line inspection of jetty lines Christoph Sur, Basil Hostage
Buried Pipeline Inspection By Non-Contact Magnetic Tomography Method (MTM) - A Non-Intrusive Inspection Technology Choong Meng Lam, Igor Kolesnikov
Case of External Corrosion and HVAC interference risk evaluation using a pipeline software based PIMS and Direct Assessment Saumitra Shankar Gupta, Deepak Agarwal
Challenges and successful finding during 36” Ultrasonic Geometry expedite development and inspection campaign, a Case Study Roberto Yanez, Kelsey Hooten, Lamar Frisby, Santiago Urrea
Combined defect assessments using Phased Array Inline Inspection technology Stéphane BENICHOU, Chloé SENAH, Manon SERVAIS, Timothee HERAUD
Condition Assessment of Force Main Kishen Prathivadi, Tim Monahan, Nina Mao
Condition-Based and Risk-Based Assessment Approach for Large Diameter Pipelines Used In Conveyance of Wastewater Olugbenga Ibikunle
Considerations on Hydrogen for an ongoing Gas Pipeline project York Schorling
Corrosion-resistant plastic pipes with permeation barrier for safe transport of contaminated fluids from industrial processes or exploration Thorsten Spaeth
Data Analytics for Tracking the Deterioration of Pipelines Michael Smith, Matthew Capewell, Konstantinos Pesinis
Design And Qualifications For The Highest Temperature Subsea Heat-Traced Pipeline christian geertsen, Frederico Orberg, Vicki Niesen
Development of a leak detection tool for gas pipelines Rene Landstorfer
Digital communication demands for construction safety and network expansion Jens Focke
Energy Efficiency Benchmarking Procedure as a Resource Saving Tool Sergey Kutukov, Bronislav Grisha, Szilard Sedlar, Andrey Golyanov
Evaluation of dents in a highly pressure cycled pipeline system Deepak Agarwal, Saumitra Shankar Gupta
Examining the repair capability of composites on crack or crack-like features Casey Whalen, Grzegorz Major
Exceeding performance standards of pipeline inspection and integrity with complex and challenging defects Geoffrey Hurd, Scott Miller
Existing Pipeline Materials and the Transition to Hydrogen Neil Gallon, Roy van Elteren
Experience on using Acoustic Leak Imaging (ALI) Technology on Compressor Stations and Pressure Reducing Stations Ana Gutiérrez-González, Florian Perrodin, Peter Mantel
Fitness For Purpose assessment based on Finite Element Assessment using Ultrasonic ILI Data Henrik Witte, Christoph Jäger, Diego Luna
Flange-Concept to achieve sustainable tight flanges Patrick Junkers
Hydrogen network readiness Victoria Monsma, Henk Riezebos
Hydrogen Transport Pipelines - Design Challenges and Mitigations Robert Malcolm Andrews, Neil Gallon, Otto Jan Huising, Luc Lam-Thanh
ILI Benchmarking – Ensuring an Adequate Understanding of ILI Capability Under Real-World Operating Conditions Aidan Charlton, Mohammod Rahman, Nigel Curson
Improving the Efficiency and Accuracy of Rigid Riser Fatigue Analysis Owen Pocock
Innovations in Pipeline Pre-commissioning Peter Dixon, Jay Chaudhuri, Stephen Thornton, Daniel Fehnert
Key cyber-security controls for reliable pipeline operation Jean-Francois Wirrmann
L-Band InSAR Ground Movement Monitoring of Midstream Assets in the Appalachian Region Murray Down, Kris Covey, Shin-ichi Sobue
Landslide Monitoring & Effect Modelling by Analysis of Digital Twins Built With Minimal Data Input Aidan Charlton, Mohammod Rahman
Large-scale pipeline environmental testing for Hydrocarbon Leak detection using WrapSense Rodrigo Rueda, Steve Edmondson
Leak Detection Compliance and Health Check Maximilian Ihring, Daniel Vogt
Long Distance Inline Inspection of an Unpiggable Natural Gas Pipeline with Robotic Technology Roderick Lee
Lost and Found: An In-Line Inspection Tool Case Study Alan Morton
Natural gas and hydrogen blends transportation: challenges and development of centrifugal compressors Alessandro Carnevali, Alberto Guglielmo
Natural Gas-fired Combined Cycle Power Plant subjected to earthquake-related geohazards in Central Greece Andreas Antoniou, Eleftherios Zervos
NovaLT12 Hydrogen fuel capabilities Marco Tarenzi, Antonio Asti, Riccardo Carta, Nicola Giannini, Marco Baldini
Operational performance validation results for a satellite-based ROW monitoring solution Alexander Blauw, Sven van Haver
Opportunities to Access the Benefits of High-frequency Welded (HFW) Pipes for a Wider Scope of Oil and Gas Industry Applications Timur Tadjiev, Holger Brauer, Pavel Stepanov, David Evans
Paperless Integrated Plant Documentation – a dream or reality? Otmane Zraouti
Pipeline Hard Spots: How Hard is Hard? jeremy faissat, François Cheron, Audrey Guion, Matt Romney, Adrian Belanger, Mike Kirkwood, Prafulla Reddy
Pipeline information modelling (BIM) for maintenance in Latvia Janis Berkis, Igors Adlersbergs
Pipeline Systems for the Hydrogen Era Andrew Stevenson, Mebs Bobat, Doug Everard, Antony Green, Edward Timerick
Predicting pigging operations in oil pipelines Riccardo Angelo Giro, Giancarlo Bernasconi, Giuseppe Giunta, Simone Cesari
Retrofitting Existing Pipelines for Fiber Optic Monitoring Steven Koles, Ehsan Jalilian, John Hull, Neil Gulewicz
Risk assessment of gas pipelines parallel or sub-parallel to active seismic faults Dionysios Chatzidakis, Prodromos Psarropoulos, Yiannis Tsompanakis
Spec Breaks: Application of Codes for Launchers and Receivers Neil McKnight, Hemant Solanki, Alan Morton
Stress Analysis of 100 km Pipeline per Day Robert Ofner
Tape Coatings – what are the differences in manufacturing technologies and which impact do they have on the material properties? Luc Perrad
Technical assessment of gas transmission pipelines made of steel for the use as hydrogen transmission pipelines Henning Brüggemann
The Gypsum Karst of Sivas - Implications for Routing, Construction and Operation of the Trans Anatolian Natural Gas Pipeline Klaus Robl, Alper Ta?demir, Ahmet ?a?maz
The Innovation of Steel Spring Technology: Full Encirclement Laminated Steel Sleeve Systems Engineered for Repairs and Augmentation of Pipelines Shawn Laughlin, Molly Laughlin Doran
Transcontinental cooperation within the framework of the International Association of Oil Transporters Jaroslav Kocian, Sergey Kazantsev
Transition to more accurate Risk Analysis Fidel Espíndola Cruz, José Samuel Solis Martínez, Carlos Ivan Mancilla Ortíz
Trenchless pipeline installations in European key projects Diana Rennkamp, Michael Lubberger
Using simulation to overcome operational challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic Glen Tyson