Event Date: 
16 Apr 2007 to 17 Apr 2007
Hannover Messe, Hannover, Germany

Proceedings (ISSN 2510-6716)

Topic Author(s)
A Novel EMAT Crack Detection and Coating Disbondment (RoCD2) ILI Technology W.Krieg, T. Beuker, M. Klann, J. Damaschke, Hubert Lindner
Achievement of Long-Term Reliability for Pipeline Systems R. Meyer, D. Storey, Holger Hennerkes
Advanced Pipeline Inspection Utilizing Ultrasound: Special Applications A. Barbian, Dr. Michael Beller, U. Schneider
Aspects of Modern Corrosion Protective Coating Technology Michael Schad, Dr. Oliver Zipffel
Assessment of Corroded Pipelines Based on Pigging Data Joachim Lücking
Benchmarking Oil and Gas Pipeline Operations Roger Holden
Black Powder Phenomenon in Gas Transmission Pipelines MuhammadAli Trabulsi
Causes, Assessment and Reduction Of Piping Vibrations Robert Missal
Combined Crack and Metal Loss Detection Tool Using Phased Array Technology A. Hugger, J. Franz, H. Charbon, R. Bauernschmitt, M. Tschuch, K.-H. Käshammer, I. Lachtchouk, Jürgen Ehrhardt
Composite Sleeves for Permanently Restoring the Serviceability of Pipe: A Review of Testing and Standards Dr. Paul Hill
Controlled Operational Emergency Shut Down Procedures Tobias Walk
Cost and Time Effective Repairs of Faulty Pipeline Valves and Fittings Mark Sim
Design Calculations for Oil and Gas Pipelines - Common Aspects and Specific Topics Dr. Michael Kasch
Development and Production of Large-Diameter Line Pipe for Offshore Applications Dr. Hans-Georg Hillenbrand, Dr. Andreas Liessem
Emergency Preparedness Based on SAP and GIS Dr. Peter Götzen, Klaus Hermann, Gerald Linke, Andre Faberski
Environmental Risks - Remediation of Pollutions Prof. Harald Burmeier
European Cross-Country Oil Pipelines Spillage Report Dr. Horstgünter Schulz
GRP Pipe Systems - Chemical Resistance Measured over 28 Years Högni Jónsson
Impact Detection Technology May Localize Third-Party Damage in Real-Time Jens Focke
Inline Inspection From an Operator‘s Point of View Dr. Thomas Huewener, M. Ahlers, F. Kutsch, G. Linke, M. Steiner, H. Watzka
Integral Audit of the Camisea Pipeline Project Jorge Vallebueno, Thorsten Gundlach
Integral High Standard Pipeline-Control Management Aad C. Kabel
Intelligent Diagnostics for Pipeline Valves Carlos Lorusso
IPLOCA Onshore Pipeline Novel Construction Initiative Luc Henriod, Ian Neilson
Know-how from ROTOR Yuriy B. Leychenko, Vladimir A. Bondar
Latest Developments for the Trenchless Construction of Pipelines Eric Adams
Liner Buckling Design Using Critical Buckling Strain Dr. Wei Zhao, L. Grant Whittle
Managing Risk and Integrity of Aging Gas Transmission Pipeline Arie Wisianto
Method Comparsion Between Horizontal Directional Drilling, Microtunneling, Shields with Partical Face Extraction and Easy Pipe Dr. Hans-Jürgen John
NoPig: A New Inspection Technique For Non-Piggable Pipelines Dr. Guennadi S. Krivoi
Nord Stream Gerhard Schröder
Nord Stream: A New Dimension of European Security of Supply Matthias Warnig
Nord Stream: Technical Planning in an Early Stage of the Project Dr. Werner Rott
Oooguruk Stretching the Limits of Experience in Alaska Michael Bick
Optimum Design of a Suspended Oil Transporting Pipeline Dr. Khalid Alsaif
Parameters & Survey Techniques Used for Operating and Maintaining the Integrity of 55 Years Old High Pressure Thin Walled Seam Welded Gas Pipelines Mustafa Abdulla
Pipeline Emergency Response Officer - Training John C. Wilson
Proof of Integrity for High-Pressure Pipelines - A Constant Process Dr. Manfred Veenker
Return on Investment for Leak and Theft Detection Software John Fryatt
Risk Based Inspection Implementation for A Pipeline Network With Limited Data John L. Tischuk
The Piglet System L.J. (Hans) Gruitroij
The Reliance East-West Gas Pipeline Project in India Hans-Jürgen Nagl
Ukraine Development of UOE Clad Linepipe Mark Fryer
Unique Autonomous Pipeline Mapping System Robert van Disseldorp
Using or Creating Incident Databases for Natural Gas Transmission Pipelines Dr. Achim Hilgenstock, R. Bolt, C. Kolovich, D. Velez Vega, A. Cappanera, O. Rassmussen
Verification of the Integrity of Existing Pipeline Systems for the Operating Permit Procedure Markus Rieder
Welding Methods Applied in Pipeline Construction, Regarded under the Aspect of Economic Efficiency Eginhard Vietz
What are the Real Challenges In Pipeline Inspection? Dr. Konrad Reber, W. Schmidt
Why is Pipeline Leak Detection More Than Just Installing a Flowmeter at Inlet and Outlet? Hilko den Hollander, Berthold Bollermann