Event Date: 
28 Mar 2012 to 30 Mar 2012
Hannover Congress Centrum, Hannover, Germany

Proceedings (ISSN 2510-6716)

Topic Author(s)
A Major Step for a Pipeline: Crossing the Serra do Mar State Park in Brazil Philipp Elsner
A Pipeline Inspection Case Study: Design improvements on a New Generation UT In-line Inspection Crack Tool Mark J Slaughter, Michael Huss, Yuriy Zakharov, Andrey Vassiljev
A System Based Approach For Achieving Long Term Facility Integrity Wytze Sloterdijk, Martin Hommes
Advancement of EMAT Inline Inspection Technology for Pipeline Integrity Management Gabriela Rosca, Jim Marr, Richard Kania. Andrew Mann, Clint Garth, Jeff Sutherland, Karlheinz Käshammer, Stephan Tappert
Approach to assessing Pipeline Displacements Dr. Ulrich Marwski, Wolfgang Schmidt
Case Study - Constructing a Gas Pipeline to The Dead Sea "The Deepest Point on Earth" Haim Mosckovich
Charting The Way Ahead for International Collaboration on Pipeline Research and Development Cliff Johnson, Dr. Gerhard Knauf
CO2 Pipeline Transport From Germany to Algeria David Haumann, Dr. Gerold Göttlicher, Dr. Esad Osmancevic, Christoph Konrad, Jörg Strittmatter
Concept of Pipe-laying Ship for The Arctic Shelf of Russia O.Ya. Timofeev, V.I. Tarovik, N.A. Valdman, M.S. Trub, N.L. Malyarenko
Corrosion Growth Analysis - Case Study of MFL-UT Combined inspection Johannes Palmer, Thomas Hennig
Designing Pipelines in Areas with Moderate or High Seismic Risk : Geohazard Assessment Beyond EC8 Provisions Prodromos Psarropoulos, Panagiotis D. Karvelis, Andreas A. Antoniou
Effect of Pre Corrosion by Galvanostatic Anodic Polarization and Temperature on the Formation Rate of Iron Carbonate Film Winia Farida
Efficient Crossing of Traffic Routes and Waterways Using The Dynamic Ramming Technique Gerhard Völkel, Jo Eising
Emergency Planning and Counter Measures Dirk Strack
Emergency Response to OSPAR Pipeline in Guaratuba - PR. Guilherme Licodiedoff Cordeiro, Hudson Regis Oliveira
Energy efficiency improvement in pipeline transportation: focus on waste heat recovery, pumping and compression efficiency and site data management Andrea Burrato, Francesca Monti, Carmen Julia Suarez Candurin, Emanuele Santo
High Grade Steel Pipeline for Long Distance Projects at Intermediate Pressure Carlo Maria Spinelli, Luca Prandi
High Resolution Ultrasonic In-Line Inspection: Special Configurations And The Added Value They Offer S. Rieth-Hoerst, M. Beller, A. Barbian
How microsilver can be a long-term protection against microbial corrosion Sven Donhuysen
Impact of Rockfalls on Buried Pipelines Andreas Antoniou, Prodromos Psarropoulos, Panagiotis Karvelis
Implementation Strategie to Use In-Line-Inspection Data in Companies IT-Environment Jens Focke
Line Break Detection System Analysis is Critical to Safer, More Economic Gas Pipeline Operations Carlos Lorusso
Management and Prevention of Action of Third Parties in the Bands of Pipelines of PETROBRAS TRANSPORTE S.A. in Regional South George Medeiros Araujo Junior, Geisa Elaine de Souza
MobiZEN: a New Device to Detect Active Corrosion on Buried Pipelines Dr. Yves Van Ingelgem
Multi-Compressor Capacity Optimization Roy Milum
New Permanent Rehabilitation Solution for Liquid and Gas Pipelines Rolf Roßmann
New Pipeline Coating Systems - Putting an End to Coating Degradation Frits Doddema, Henk Vugteveen
New Pipeline Projects and the Role of Public Perception Dr. Babette Fahlbruch
New Product and Method for In-Trench Pipeline Support and Support for Stringing and Welding Geoff Connors
Nord Stream Onshore Pipeline Projects OPAL and NEL. Extraordinary Constructions for River Crossings by HDD or Microtunnel Stefan Scholz
Operational Transparency, Business Excellence and KPI Management Sanjeev Sinha
PIMS System Introduction and Integration Frank Rathlev, Markus Ruhe
Pipeline Acoustic Monitoring Giancarlo Bernasconi, Silvio Del Giudice, Giuseppe Giunta
Pipeline Drag Reduction Technology and Impact to Refining and Quality Ray Johnston, Morgan Brown
Pipeline Integrity Monitoring in Russia using Distributed Fiber Optical Sensor Aleksei Igorevich Turbin
Polyethylene Pipeline Systems - Avoiding the Pitfalls of Fusion Welding Chris O'Connor
Practical Approach to Transform Aged Onshore Non-Piggable Pipeline into Piggable Pipeline Ahmed Hashem
Pressure Surge Attenuation in Pipelines by Means of Self-Energised Valves Sven Kretzschmar-Hagelstein
Pushing In-line Inspections to Extremes Peter van Beugen
Quantative Assessment of Ground Cover Renaturation, Soil Degradation and Controlling Them Climate and Ground Factors Along Rights-of-Way of BTC Oil and SCP Gas Pipelines in Azerbaijan Emil Bayramov
Real Time Transient Modeling for Pipeline Safety and Integrity Management Pablo D. Genta
realSensTM Airborne Pipeline Leak Detection Field Plume Mapping Results Adrian Banica
Reliability Centered Maintenance, Pump Stations Olympio De Castro Neto
Reliable and Cost Effective Leak Detection with an New Generation of Ultrasonic Pigs Wolf Böckler, Rene Landstorfer
Remote Monitoring and Control (Corrocontrol) Basil Ali
SCADA Revamp: The Opportunity to Improve Efficiency, Safety and Legal Compliance Jochen Frings
Secure Gas Supply for Europe – Nord Stream Launched and Operational Dr. Werner Rott
Siemens-Workshop "De-risking Solutions for Pipelines" Sanjeev Sinha
Soil Friction Modeling in HDDs under Operational Conditions Frigco Kwaaitaal
Technological Pipeline's Challenges - An Operator's view Marcelo Renno
The Calculation of The Thrust Force for Pipeline Installation Using The Direct Pipe Method J.P. Pruiksma, D. Pfeff, H.M.G. Kruse
The Energy Infrastructure Package and its Role for Renewable Energies Development Catharina Sikow-Magny
The German Safety System for Gas Infrastructure Hiltrud Schülken, Alfred Klees
The German Turnaround - Storing Excess Electricity as Renewable Gas in the Gas Grid Gert Müller-Syring, Marco Henel
The Integrated European Gas Market - Present Status and Future Challenges Adela Comanita
Transfer of Welding Technologies from Offshore to Onshore Pipeline Construction Frederic Burgy, Shana Cohen
Ultrasonic Measurement Techniques in Gas Pipeline Inspection - A Case Study Jens Erfurth, Jochen Stratmann, Frank Kutsch
Use of ECDA Approach in Prioritization of ILI Anomalies Sorin M. Segall, Robert A. Gummow, Daniel Fingas, John Shore
Use of Flexible Data Acquisition on Cleaning Pigs for Offshore Applications Jan van der Graaf, Hubert Lindner
UT ILI feature assessment of challenging datasets Thomas Hennig, Johannes Palmer, Jan-Eric Teves, Christian Skodzik
Value Engineering Approach to increase Cost Efficiency Tobias Walk
What Can Leak Detection Systems Really Achieve? Ralf Tetzner, Daniel Vogt