Event Date: 
18 Mar 2013 to 20 Mar 2013
Hannover Congress Centrum, Hannover, Germany

Proceedings (ISSN 2510-6716)

Topic Author(s)
A comprehensive approach to integrity of DN 400 high pressure pipeline Ales Brynych, Slawomir Brudnik
Analysis of Microstructure and Mechanical Properties Patching Result on Flowline Pipe Ari Antono
Application of risk based methodology to onshore & offshore pipelines G. Stadie-Frohbös, J. Lampe
Apply Non Destructive Testing for Assessment Hydrogen Cracking in Joining Procedure of Split Tee to Pipeline in Hot Tapping Meysam Rasooly, Ebrahim Mohseni Homagerani
Applying Offshore Pipe-in-Pipe Technologies on Onshore Projects Pierre Ollier
Axial strain capacity of line pipe subjected to combined loading conditions - An experimental approach in full-scale dimension: LiSA S. Zimmermann, H. Karbasian, C. Kalwa, F.M. Knoop, H. Löbbe
Challenges In The Construction And Installation Of Pipelines Gathering System - Refinery Abreu E Lima, Brazil Flavio Alexandre Silva, Ulisses Dias Amado
CoiFlatLine - A game changing approach to ultradeepwater pipeline Philippe Nobileau
Composite Repair Performance at Elevated Temperatures James Souza, Casey Whalen, Chris Alexander
Compressor Station Considerations Dr. Rainer Kurz, Matt Lubomirsky
Continous Real-Time Pipeline Deformation, 3D Positioning and Ground Movement Monitoring Along The Sakhalin-Khabarovsk-Vladivos Carlos Borda, Marc Nikles, Etienne Rochat, Alexander Grechanov, Alexander Naumov,Valeriy Velikodnev
Crude Oil Network Modeling, Simulation & Optimization – Novel approach and Operational Benefits Mohammed F. Al-Otaibi, Mohamed Rizwan
Custody transfer flow metering systems for the oil and gas Industry Ralph Kwaaitaal
Custody Transfer Measurement on the World Longest Heated and Insulated Pipeline – A Case Study Neelesh Purohit, Sanjay Sharma
Efficient application of the Horizontal Directional Drilling technology in pipeline construction Dr. Hans-Joachim Bayer
EMAT for detection of axially aligned cracks at girth welds Paolo Beretta, David Paige, Andy Mann, Stephan Tappert
Example of the Effect of Sudden Overpressure in Piping System Ahmed AlMutairi, Hamad Alalwani
FBG Optical Sensing for Pipeline Structural Health Monitoring Alexis Mendez, Alan Turner, Daniele Costantini
Fiber Optic Based Pipeline Monitoring Suzana Vale, Alexander Rauscher
Field Experience with Interior Pipe Coatings from High Performance Polyurethane Elastomers Michael Magerstädt, Gunther Blitz, Thorsten Räth
Four Ultra Large Surge Relief Systems for an Asian 40” Crude Oil Pipeline Project – A Case Study Trilochan Gupta
FRP-reinforced Liner Pipes for the Safe and Reliable handling of corrosive media in chemical industry and metallurgy Dr. Mirko Lotz
Grid Infrastructure - Thinking ahead Heinz Watzka
HAZ Physical Simulation of API5L X80 Pipeline Steel J. L. M. Andia, L. F. G. de Souza, I. S. Bott
High Strength Large Diameter UOE Line Pipes Optimised for Application in Remote Areas and Low-Temperature Service C. Stallybrass, H. Meuser, F. Gerdemann, C. Kalwa, H.-G. Hillenbrand
Illegal tap repair applications Adem Dincay
Integrated approach to risk and safety – MTO: Including human, organizational and inter-organizational factors Dr. Babette Fahlbruch
Integrated Cyber and Plant Security Supports Operational Safety Michael Barth, Joachim Frings
Integrated maintenance practices for rotating equipments Alberto Rostagno
Integrated PIMS supporting an offshore pipeline system Peter Baars, Matthias Lohaus
Integrity Management - North American Perspective Trent van Egmond
MAEC (Main Automation and Electrical Contractor) Pipeline project: advantages and challenges of the concept Dr. Andreas Helget
Maximizing Transportation Capacity of an Aged Crude Oil Pipeline Hesham A. M. Abdou
Mechanical Damage Assessment Using Multiple Data Sets in Inline Inspection Abel Lopes
Metering selection approach A. Hausmann, M. Henneke, T. Walk
Natural Gas Pipeline Safety Policy & Practices: Influences of Current Developments on Pipeline Projects in Germany Jochen Stratmann
New building blocks for rigid polyurethane pipe coatings Dr. Matthias Wintermantel, Andreas aus der Wieschen, Syed Quadri
On the Application of Statistical Methods in Inline Inspection – An Overview Dr. Gerhard Kopp, Herbert Willems, Christoph Jäger
Overall simulation of German natural gas transmission systems Bo Li, Anatoly Gorshkov, Steven Hotopp, Prof. Dr. Joachim Müller-Kirchenbauer
Performance of the ThreatScan™ system in different operational and environmental conditions Paul Roovers, Thierry Romanet
Pipe Express® - An innovative method for environmentally friendly and economical pipeline installation Andreas Diedrich
Pipeline Integrity Analysis Using a 3D Laser Scanner Method Pierre-Hugues Allard, Dr. Charles Mony
Pipeline Leak Detection Technologies and Emergency Shutdown Protocols Prof. Dr. Gerhard Geiger
Pipeline Seismic Design and Potential Mitigation Measures Prodromos N. Psarropoulos, Andreas A. Antoniou
Pipelines Integrity Management Plans: an Initiative toward Collaboratively Managing Pipelines Integrity Yaser S. Al-Qahtani
Polypropylene coating system with improved low temperature performance Norbert Jansen
Prioritizing threats in gas pipeline systems - An example related to transporting renewable and unconventional gases M. Hommes, W. Sloterdijk, M. Gielisse
Real time pipeline protection and assurance Henry Stephenson
realSens Remote Sensing of Liquid Hydrocarbon Leaks from Pipelines Adrian Banica, Dr. Boyd Tolton
Reasons to implement an enterprise Work Management solution for proving auditing acceptability Jens Focke
Reliable sizing of complex metal loss through combined ILI data sets for internal & external anomalies in gaseous & liquid Johannes Palmer, Dr. Edgar Schneider
Remote Sensing based automated Change detection of Oil and Gas Pipeline corridors Santanu Sur, Vijay Kumar
Requirements for safe and reliable CO2 transportation pipeline (SARCO2-A) – Project Update Dr. Stefan Jäger, Dr. Christoph Bosch, Michel Meyer, Dr. Antonio Lucci
Risks of Underground Pipelines Transporting Chemicals Dr. Margreet Spoelstra, Gerald Laheij
SCC Direct Assessment on 16”gas line and considering the coating defect as primary factor to determine SCC Shamsedin Shamsaei
Smart solutions for pipeline safety after a natural disaster Dr. Gillian Kendrick
Status of National and International Standardization in CO2 Transportation Dr. Achim Hilgenstock, Dr. Sven Anders, Rabea Visse
Third party damage prevention: the human factor and the Integrity of Pipeline Installations, an urbanization proposal Mauricio Terada Vaz, Bruno Martins Gonçalves, Valeria Haddad Kurbhi Alfano
Total Drag Reduction Solutions from Opportunity to Operation Dr. Yung N. Lee, Morgan Brown
UT-ILI and Fitness-for-Purpose Analysis for Severely Internally Corroded Crude Oil Pipeline Abdul Wahab Al-Mithin, Shabbir Safri, Andreas Pfanger
View of a Pipe Manufacturer to the Developments for Linepipe Material Dr. Christoph Kalwa, Dr. Hans-Georg Hillenbrand
X80 Pipelines in Arctic Environment: Prediction of the Long-Distance Ductile Fracture Propagation/Arrest I.Y. Pyshmintsev, A.M. Gervasyev, A.O. Struin, A.B. Arabey, T.S. Yesiev