ptc 2021 Moves to Fully Virtual: Free Participation for Pipeline Operators! Press release in English and German.

The seminar will provide an overview of the growing challenge of Illegal Tapping / Theft from Pipelines. This global menace has seen an explosive growth in the last 10 years across Latin America, Africa, Europe, Russia and Asia. The illegal tapping phenomenon has created a major concern for operators, industry, environmentalist, governments and other stakeholders around the world.

The course provides a broad overview of the various issues that have led to the growth of illegal tapping of pipelines. Furthermore, this course will provide a robust awareness on the subject matter and explore potential solutions deployed by operators and governments around the world.

Participants would be introduced to the range of solutions available in the industry for detection and location of inventory theft from pipelines. Criminals and dynamics at play are evolving to evade existing solutions and as such this course will also look to the future and beyond technology. Participants would be introduced to solutions and case studies that would highlight solutions on both sides of the bowtie (prevention and recovery) and include key solutions outside technology (Policies, Procedures and People).


1 Introduction
Introducing the course and the Illegal Tapping phenomenon

2 Global Dimension of Illegal Tapping
Exploring the global reach of Illegal Tapping and why this phenomenon may be growing at such a pace.

3 Causes – Trends/Factors Leading to Growth in Illegal Tapping
An overview of the different causes in different regions and how this knowledge can help shape the desired solutions.

4 Commercially Available Theft Detection Solutions
A wide-ranging overview of the commercially available theft detection and location solutions/technology deployed today, covering:

  • Software Based Solutions,
  • Hardware Based Solutions and
  • Operations Based Solutions

This section would cover existing and future pipelines

5 Future Developments/Solutions
A look at emerging technology and ideas for industry/research and policy makers.

6 Case Studies 1 & 2
Using two case studies, participants would further explore the learnings from the course to develop solutions (We may be able to look at one or two specific scenarios from participants. If interested, pls contact us. There is no guarantee).

Registration Deadline

15 February 2021

Mode of Presentation

The seminar will be held online.

Target Group: 
Government Regulators, Certifying Bodies, Government Officials, Operators / Operations Staff, Community Relations Personnel / Consultants, Leak Detection / Theft Detection Solution Engineers / Technologist, Academia and Research, Pipeline Engineers, Pipeline Project Managers Responsible for New Pipeline Projects, Pipeline Operation Managers / Engineers, Technicians or Other Interested Personnel from the Pipeline Industry. Engineering Consultants, Environmental Consultants, Security Consultants active in the Field of Inventory Theft, Associated Pollution, Impact and Prevention.
Seminar Timing: 
15 March 2021

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