Pipe-Soil Interaction: From Theory to Real-World Applications

Registration Deadline
1 March 2024
Seminar Location
Estrel Berlin, Convention Center
Seminar Timing
08 April 2024

Aim / Background

This tutorial will cover the essential concepts, methodologies, and practical considerations related to the interaction between pipes and the surrounding soil. A comprehensive overview of pipe-soil interaction and its real-world applications will be provided, making it suitable for engineers, project managers, and anyone involved in the design and integrity management of buried pipelines.

The tutorial will be divided in four segments:

  • Fundamentals of soil mechanics
    • Typical geotechnical parameters required in pipeline design & integrity assessment
  • Overview of Pipe-soil interaction
    • Calculation of soil spring forces and associated displacements using the design guidelines (e.g. ALA 2005, PRCI 2017)
    • Limitations of the design guidelines
  • Geotechnical aspects in pipeline design & integrity assessment
    • Real-world applications of pipe-soil interaction
    • Industry case studies
  • Recent advancement in pipe-soil interaction
    • Innovations and Future Trends

Learning Outcomes:

At the end of this tutorial, participants will be able to:

  • Have a basic understanding of the soil strength parameters required in pipeline engineering.
  • Describe different geohazards associated with pipeline engineering.
  • Calculate the soil spring forces and associated displacements using the design guidelines.
  • Apply equations of the design guidelines (e.g. ALA 2005, PRCI 2017) to the pipe-soil interaction problems associated with buried pipelines.
  • Explain the importance of pipe-soil interaction in the design and integrity assessment of buried pipelines.

The course is ideally suited to introduce the subject of pipe-soil interaction, also as a foundation for the special geohazards tracks of the Pipeline Technology Conference (ptc 2024).

At the end of the tutorial, the participants will receive a printed handout of the tutorial materials, printed copies of the relevant publications, and links for the relevant references including video clips, online reference links etc.


Approval (for German Engineers)

The seminar "Climate Change Impact on Existing or Future Onshore Pipelines" is recognized as a training session in accordance with §6 FuWo. Consulting engineers and engineers of the German Chambers of Engineers receive 8.00 training points for participation.

Target Group

Anyone related to pipeline engineering. No special prerequisites. The tutorial will cover fundamental concepts as well as some advanced topics, ensuring that attendees of all experience levels will benefit.


Dr. Kshama Roy is an industry renowned expert in pipe-soil interaction and currently working as a Principal Engineer, Integrity Solutions & Compliance, Energy Systems at DNV Canada Ltd. He is also an Adjunct Professor at the Memorial University of Newfoundland and a Sessional Instructor at the University of Calgary. Prior to joining DNV, he worked as the Lead-Special Projects & Pipeline Integrity and Principal Investigator, NC Innovation at Northern Crescent Inc. Apart from being involved in several challenging and complex pipeline geotechnical engineering projects, he has authored over 45 papers, presents regularly at conferences, and volunteers as a peer reviewer for technical publications. Being highly focused on technology development projects with immediate industry applications, he led a team of engineers to complete 7 in-house software development projects. Dr. Roy is a Canadian Standards Association (CSA) Z662 code committee member. He developed and taught three courses at the University of Calgary including the brand new ‘Geotechnical Aspects in Pipeline Engineering’ course. Dr. Roy has been awarded with over 40 awards including the ‘Canadian Geotechnical Society Early Achievement Award 2023’, ‘Pipeline & Gas Journal’s Innovative Thinker Award 2021’ and ‘Outstanding Young Pipeline Professional Award at the International Pipeline Conference (IPC) 2020’.

Past Chair, Young Pipeliners International

Read Dr. Roy’s interview on pipeline technology journal: https://www.pipeline-journal.net/news/pipeline-people-dr-kshama-roy-chair-ypi

Seminars Contact

Dennis Fandrich
+49 511 90992-22
Dennis Fandrich