ptc 2021 Moves to Fully Virtual: Free Participation for Pipeline Operators! Press release in English and German.

Oil and gas transmission pipelines can contain defects such as cracks, gouges, dents, and corrosion. These defects can be assessed using ‘fitness for purpose’ methods. This assessment allows pipeline operators to demonstrate their pipelines are safe to operate without the need to repair many of these defects.

The 1 day Pipeline Defect Assessment Course (‘PDAC’) summarises assessment methods for defects detected in oil and gas transmission pipelines. Attendees are shown various methods to assess a wide range of defects in pipelines.

The course starts with a brief introduction to oil and gas, pipelines, and key pipeline design parameters. Then, assessment methods for corrosion, dents, gouges, and cracks are described.


1 Oil and Gas, and Pipelines

2 Pipeline Design and Key Parameters

3 Why Pipelines Fail

4 Fracture Mechanics and Fatigue

5 Corrosion Assessment Methods

6 Assessing Mechanical Damage

7 Crack Assessment

Registration Deadline

15 February 2021

Mode of Presentation

The seminar will be held online.

Target Group: 
Pipeline engineers, designers and service professionals who are involved with the maintenance, inspection, and repair of pipelines.
Seminar Timing: 
15 March 2021

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