ptc 2021 Moves to Fully Virtual: Free Participation for Pipeline Operators! Press release in English and German.

The seminar gives detailed information about well-approved strategies for a failure-free and economic operation and maintenance of high-pressure oil, gas and water pipeline systems. The course director shares his experience from managing oil and gas pipeline operators in Germany/Europe, also latest developments for oil&gas systems triggered due to the Energy Turnaround in Germany will be presented.

Main focus topics will be:

  • The pipeline life-cycle
  • Pipeline integrity management systems
  • Leak detection
  • In-line inspection
  • Repair works
  • Stations & Components
  • Pipeline safety

Registration Deadline

15 February 2021

Mode of Presentation

The seminar will be held online.

Target Group: 
Engineers, technicians and management staff from pipeline operators. Personnel from authorities or certification bodies involved with pipeline monitoring, inspection, integrity management and repair works. Engineering consultants in all fields of pipeline operation and maintenance.
Seminar Timing: 
15 March 2021

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