Practical Tips in Dealing with Microbial Corrosion in Pipelines

Registration Deadline
31 March 2023
Seminar Location
Estrel Berlin, Convention Center
Seminar Timing
08 May 2023

Course Content

1 Introduction
Introduction to the definition of microbial corrosion (MIC), its various correct and incorrect names and its importance

2 Classification
Can microbial corrosion (MIC) be always classified as a subclass of internal corrosion?

3 Bacteria
Classification of bacteria and their engineering importance

4 Patterns of MIC
How can microbial corrosion in different systems be similar? General patterns of MIC

5 Biofilm
a wrong name to address a right phenomenon!

6 Electrochemistry
Temenos formation mechanism and its electrochemical importance

7 Treatment and Management of MIC

8 Corrosion prediction models and MIC

9 MIC and standards
describing related standards and their applicability

10 MIC conclusion
lies, semi-facts, facts


Contrary to all engineering discipline that study how to “make” structures, corrosion deals with how to control “failure” of these structures. The overall cost of corrosion could reach to be equal to 6 % of the Gross Domestic product of a country (GDP). Microbial corrosion is corrosion induced by organisms particularly by bacteria. The cost of microbial corrosion could reach to 40% of the cost of corrosion.

In this seminar, a world-renowned expert in MIC, Dr. Javaherdashti will talk about important, practical aspects of MIC in, mainly, metal pipelines. Dr. Javaherdashti is a well-known authority in the field of corrosion and particularly microbial corrosion.


holds a double degree in Materials Science and Metallurgical Engineering. Being actively involved in numerous projects, He has more than 20 years of industrial (Root Cause analyst &consultant) and academic (researcher) experience. Dr. Reza is approved instructor by ASME (USA) and SPE (Society of Petroleum Engineers- USA). Reza has more than four thousand hours of highly successfully carried out training industries around the globe about corrosion management and microbial corrosion. His recent project is with Shell Netherlands to make a mathematical model for addressing microbial corrosion in pipelines. He is currently the CEO of MICCOR, The Netherlands

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Daniel Mertins
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