Seminar: Pipeline Projects subjected to Natural Hazards: Assessment and Management of Hazards, Vulnerability and Risk

The course will provide an indepth introduction into the subject and importance of Natural Hazards during the stages of evaluation, design, construction and operation of a pipeline.

Delegates will learn about the need for qualitative and quantitative Assessment of the Risk associated with various Natural Hazards (such as Flooding, Landslides and Earthquakes) in relation to the route selection and the pipeline integrity.

Additionally, potential protection/mitigation measures and monitoring techniques, both related to Risk Management, will be presented.

The main disciplines that will be presented during the course are Hydrology, Hydraulics, Engineering Geology, Soil Mechanics, and Rock Mechanics, while special emphasis will be given on Slope Instabilities and Soil-Structure Interaction.

Finally, since many countries worldwide are characterized by moderate or high seismicity, the course will also introduce the topics of Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering, Pipeline Seismic Design, and Strain-Based Design.


1 Introduction
1.1 Types of Natural Hazards
1.2 Case Histories of Natural Hazards
1.3 Impact of Natural Hazards on Pipelines

2 Flooding Phenomena
2.1 Assessment of Flooding Hazard
2.2 Pipeline Vulnerability to Flooding Phenomena
2.3 Management of Flooding Phenomena

3 Landslides
3.1 Assessment of Landslide Hazard
3.2 Pipeline Vulnerability to Landslides
3.3 Slope Stabilization & Management of Landslides

4 Earthquake-related Geohazards
4.1 Assessment of Earthquake-related Geohazards
4.2 Pipeline Vulnerability to Earthquake-related Geohazards
4.3 Pipeline Seismic Design & Seismic Risk Management

5 Monitoring Techniques
5.2 Meteorological & Hydrological Data
5.1 Ground Deformations
5.2 Seismic Strong Ground Motion
5.3 Pipeline Distress

Please contact us if you are interested in a webcast version of this seminar in order to attend this seminar virtually from your PC at home.

Registration Deadline

15 February 2018

Target Group: 
Managers, Pipeline Engineers, Technicians or other interested personnel from operators that are involved during the stages of evaluation, design, construction and operation of a pipeline. Engineering Consultants active in the field of geotechnical engineering. Personnel from the authorities or certification bodies involved with pipeline integrity and assessment and licensing.
Seminar Timing: 
15-16 March 2018, 9:00-17:00, Estrel Berlin

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