Noraswad Bin Mohamad Daud

Excellent platform for knowledge & technology sharing from pipeline operators, consultants and technology provider.

Noraswad Bin Mohamad Daud - Pipeline Integrity Engineer - Saudi Aramco - Saudi Arabia
Francesco Negro

Yearly chance to be part of pipeline technology excellence.

Francesco Negro - Mechanical Engineer PROTEC (Projects and Technical Services) - eni Gas & Power Division - Italy
Fouad Mohamed

This is my 1st time in the pipeline technology conference. I think it’s a very good opportunity to meet people and share experience and I think I will attend it every year. It is very useful to see other business and technology partners. It is really a good gain for everybody.

Fouad Mohamed - Construction Engineer - Kuwait Oil Company - Kuwait
Serhii Konovalov

IoT technologies are demonstrating real economic impact to improve integrity and safety of pipeline operation. However, at the same time, the lack of operational Cyber Security capabilities puts breaks on innovation and new business opportunities. I believe that pipeline industry like no other, has tremendous potential to harvest benefits of IoT and bring cyber threats under control. Big thanks to ptc and EITEP for leading these important discussions.

Serhii Konovalov - Global Energy/O&G Lead / IoT Vertical Solutions Group - Cisco Systems - United States