The application of ILI and PIM in Iraqi national oil companies and the reflect on reducing oil spills and improvement exporting
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Prof. Alaa Mohammed Abdullah
Prof. Alaa Mohammed Abdullah - Mrs. Miaad Mustafa Abdullah
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This research paper related to a new theory of operation techniques called PIM, the pipeline integrity management which is not applied yet in Iraq and many petroleum countries is very important step in the way of increasing pumping systems efficiency and improving the pumps operation methods leading to increasing the virtual life of the whole pumping system and pipeline also. With the application of PIM rules and programs we will be able to detect any leaking in the pipeline system whatever its quantity will be as we know that the ordinary leak detection systems LDS cannot discover or detect the small rate of leaking 500 bbl. With this integrity system we will be able to detect any amount of spills or leaking due to sabotage, corrosion leaking, operation failures or any other reasons. Also the paper will give a brave case study of the application of PIM on the Iraqi pipeline of crude oil pumping systems ( especially in north oil company – Iraq ) and will give us a simulation of the rate of increasing in pumping quantities with the same power consumption approximately about 20% of the total crude oil pumping quantity. The PIM effect also in saving the nature and the environment of the operation areas by the quick and high response to leaking accidents by the using of the integrity system of SCADA,ALDS,PLD and else.

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