Mark the date for ptc 2022: 7 - 10 March 2022, Berlin, Germany

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Company Status Stand Number Country
ABB Silver Sponsor United Kingdom
Associated Technology Pipeline Silver Sponsor United Kingdom
Atmos International Golden Sponsor United Kingdom
Baker Hughes Platinum Sponsor United States
ChelPipe Group Silver Sponsor Russia
DENSO Golden Sponsor Germany
Direct-C Monitoring Services Exhibitor Canada
DNV Golden Sponsor Norway
EMPIT Silver Sponsor Germany
Fotech Solutions Silver Sponsor United Kingdom
Franken Plastik Exhibitor Germany
Gottsberg Leak Detection Silver Sponsor Germany
Herrenknecht Exhibitor Germany
ILF Consulting Engineers Golden Sponsor Germany
InspectorX Exhibitor Germany
Intero Integrity Services Golden Sponsor Netherlands
Krohne Messtechnik Silver Sponsor Germany
Maats Pipeline Professionals Golden Sponsor Netherlands
MAX STREICHER Exhibitor Germany
NDT Global Golden Sponsor Germany
PPSA - Pigging Products and Services Association Exhibitor, Supporter United Kingdom
Prisma Photonics Silver Sponsor Israel
ROSEN Group Diamond Sponsor Switzerland
Siemens Energy Silver Sponsor Germany
SolAres (Solgeo / Aresys) Silver Sponsor Italy
T.D. Williamson Golden Sponsor United States
TRAPIL Silver Sponsor France
YPPB - Young Pipeline Professionals Brazil Exhibitor, Supporter Brazil
YPPE - Young Pipeline Professionals Europe Exhibitor, Supporter Europe
YPPI - Young Pipeline Professionals India Exhibitor, Supporter India

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ptc Exhibition is listed in the AUMA trade fair catalogue

The ptc Exhibition is recognized by the Association of the German Trade Fair Industry and listed in the AUMA trade fair catalogue.