Company Status Stand Number Country
3P Services Exhibitor A16 Germany
Atmos International Exhibitor A14 United Kingdom
Baker Hughes Golden Sponsor A11 United States
Creaform - Ametek Exhibitor D13 Germany
CSNRI Exhibitor A5 United States
Dairyland Electrical Industries Exhibitor A13 United States
DENSO Golden Sponsor B10 Germany
Duebre Exhibitor (NO DIG Berlin) D3 Germany
Eddyfi Technologies Exhibitor B3 Canada
EMPIT Exhibitor D24 Germany
ENTEGRA Exhibitor A17 United Kingdom
Franken Plastik Exhibitor A4 Germany
Gottsberg Leak Detection Silver Sponsor C21 Germany
Herrenknecht Exhibitor Germany
IAOT - International Association of Oil Transporters Exhibitor, Supporter C12 Czech Republic
ILF Consulting Engineers Silver Sponsor C5 Germany
Intero Integrity Services Golden Sponsor A8 Netherlands
Kebu Exhibitor A15 Germany
Kontrolltechnik Exhibitor C25 Germany
LogIC Exhibitor D18 France
MAX STREICHER Golden Sponsor D21 Germany
NDT Global Golden Sponsor B4 Germany
Open Grid Europe Exhibitor B11 Germany
OptaSense Silver Sponsor B17 United Kingdom
OVERPIPE Exhibitor A1 France
Picote Solutions Exhibitor (NO DIG Berlin) D9 Finland
PIPECARE GROUP Exhibitor D15 United Arab Emirates
Pipesurvey International Silver Sponsor C9 Netherlands
PPSA - Pigging Products and Services Association Exhibitor, Supporter D16 United Kingdom
Premier Coatings Exhibitor A6 United Kingdom
Prime Drilling Exhibitor (NO DIG Berlin) D5 Germany
Prisma Photonics Exhibitor A10 Israel
ROMSTAR GROUP Exhibitor A12 Malaysia
ROSEN Group Diamond Sponsor A19 Switzerland
Schuck Group Exhibitor D20 Germany
Siemens Energy Silver Sponsor Germany
SolAres (Solgeo / Aresys) Golden Sponsor A3 Italy
T.D. Williamson Golden Sponsor B15 United States
TIB Chemicals PROTEGOL Coatings Exhibitor A7 Germany
TRACTO-TECHNIK Exhibitor (NO DIG Berlin) D7 Germany
TRAPIL Silver Sponsor C20 France
VIETZ Pipeline Equipment Exhibitor A9 Germany
World Pipelines Exhibitor, Media Partner D14 United Kingdom

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ptc 2022 Floor Plan

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