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At EITEP Institute we not only strive to provide participants with a successful event, but we also want to reduce our impact on the environment. Our motivation is to consider what resources are needed to run our event without lowering the high standards that participants expect. With each ptc, we aim to refine our approaches. These are some of the measures taken to minimize environmental impacts at the upcoming Pipeline Technology Conference:


  • Our publications are preferably printed on paper from sustainable sources or on recycled paper. For example, we use paper certified with the “Blauer Engel” or FSC. First, however, we check where we can avoid or reduce printing.
  • All Papers of the Conferences are made available on the ptc Pipeline Open Knowledge Base and will not be available on print.
  • The conference bag will be a fabric bag that is either produced under fair circumstances or co2-neutral (or both).
  • All individually produced items (prints, etc.) are checked for their sustainability, for example, whether they can be reused or whether transport routes can be optimized: Some of the large printed banners can be reused if their content does not contain event-specific content. Rollups are mounted in reusable systems.
  • In the store for exhibitors, printed materials can be ordered from us, for which we also consider sustainability (e.g. carbon footprint, reusability).


  • We request food preferences from participants to better predict quantity ratios.
  • The food concept is weighed against the eco-balance and the comfort of the event.
  • To reduce the inevitable amout of food leftovers, the venues are asked to coordinate giving these leftovers away to people in need.


  • We make sure our venues use sustainable and efficient technology. Some measures of the venue, the Estrel are, for example, LED technology for its lighting and video processing toilets at the venue are flushed with grey water and.
  • Large areas of carpet will be covered with carpet tiles. Unlike roller carped, carpet tiles are reusable and therefore generate significantly less waste.


  • We partner with local contractors to minimize transportation distances
  • For those traveling by train, we offer special tickets for Deutsche Bahn trains to ptc.
  • Our websites are run CO2-free.
  • Our office runs on green electricity.
  • Equipment is used by us as long as reasonable and possible and is replaced by sustainable alternatives.
  • The CO2 "produced" by the ptc event is calculated independently and offset by donations to environmental projects and we encourage our participants and exibitors to do the same with their participation.
  • The "Guide for the Sustainable Organization of Events" of the German Federal Environmental Agency (BMU) is one of the influencing tools for the planning of ptc.


More information on the Sustainability concepts of the venue and recommended accommodation, the Estrel, can be found here If you need more information or have input, contact us.

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