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Below you could find the current program overview of ptc 2019. Please click on the individual blocks for further details. The ptc Side Conferences and ptc Seminars will take place on 18 March 2019. All other sessions and the ptc exhibition will take place from 19-21 March 2019.


For a complete overview of ptc 2019 please download our PDFptc 2019 Event Guide.

Monday, 18 March 2019


Public Perception


4 Technical Seminars

ptc Reception (for invited speakers, exhibitors, comittee members, session chairs and side conference delegates only)



Tuesday, 19 March 2019

Opening / Welcome


Keynote Speech

"Learning from Failures: Moving from ‘Failure’ Cause to ‘Root’ Cause"

Plenary Session

"Eurasian Pipeline Forum - Linking East and West"

There is a long tradition of energy cooperation between Europe and Asia. For decades, Russia has been a reliable partner for the supply of crude oil and natural gas. A number of other initiatives are currently being developed. Keywords: Europe, Russia, Central Asia, Turkey.

Panel Discussion

“Digital Transformation and Cyber Security in the Pipeline Industry”

As the energy industry is already preparing for a consistent digital transformation, another big development for improving the integrity of the systems by big data analytics will be expected. Furthermore, as manufacturers and service providers will make use of IoT tools and products, the energy industry as a critical infrastructure must also gradually improve cyber security and relevant mechanism and processes. Keywords: Digitalization, Industry 4.0, IoT, AI, Critical Infrastructure, Cyber Security, Big Data Analytics.

1.1 Inline


2.1 Digitalization

3.1 Materials

4.1 Trenchless


5.1 Coating

6.1 Qualification & Recruitment

ptc Get-together party within the exhibition


Wednesday, 20 March 2019

1.2 Inline


2.2 Pump & Compressor Stations

3.2 Leak Detection

4.2 Environmental Impact

5.2 Coating

6.2 Recruiting & Retaining


1.3 Stress Corrosion Cracking

2.3 Case Study "TAL Pipeline"

3.3 Leak Detection

4.3 Construction

5.3 Corrosion

1.4 Integrity


2.4 Offshore


3.4 Third Party


4.4 Planning & Design

5.4 Valves &


1.5 Integrity


2.5 Offshore


3.5 Illegal Tapping

4.5 Planning & Design

5.5 Maintenance & Repair

ptc Dinner Invitation “Classic Remise Berlin: A center for vintage cars” (separate registration required)


Thursday, 21 March 2019

Plenary Session

“Pipelines 2050: From Fossil Fuels to Renewable Fuels?”

In 2018 the European Commission adopted a strategic long-term vision for a prosperous, modern, competitive and climate neutral economy by 2050. The decline in the cost of renewable energies has opened the prospect of large-scale production of green hydrogen and liquid e-fuels. Pipelines can play an important role in this process. The existing infrastructure can be used to transport the hydrogen and e-fuels, with limited adjustments and costs. Keywords: Hydrogen, E-Fuels, Power-to-Gas, Power-to-Liquid.


Panel Discussion

“Illegal Tapping - Focus Regions, Monitoring and Counter Measures”

Illegal tapping and product theft are severe problems not only regarding economic aspects but also in terms of safety and integrity of the pipeline. According to recent studies, these problems exist not only in emerging markets but currently also in regions like Europe. Keywords: Product Theft, Third Party Impact, Monitoring, Socioeconomics, Counter Measures, Repair.

Closing Remarks


(free access for all delegates)


(free access for pipeline operators only)