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Keynote Speech

Stephan Kamphues "Energy Cooperation Across New Walls in Europe"
  • Stability of energy networks within Europe
  • The sector coupling between power and gas - a new optimization opportunity
  • BREXIT - the consequences for the European internal market
  • Improved flexibility with hub cooperations or mergers

Stephan Kamphues, Member of the Board of Management, Open Grid Europe, Germany / President, ENTSOG - European Network of Transmission System Operators for Gas, Belgium

Opening Panel Discussion "New Players within Market Areas - New Opportunities for the Energy Customers?"
  • "All-electric-world" - a critical path for security of energy
  • Improving stability of energy networks with more incentives for the cooperation of gas and power operators
  • Security of supply and volatility of renewables - unsolved problems and way forward
  • More cooperation, less codes and standards - an operators viewpoint
  • Solutions with combined European energy marketplaces - only a dream

Heinz Watzka Session Chair

Heinz Watzka
Senior Advisor, EITEP Institute, Germany
Arno Buex Panelist

Arno Büx
CCO, Fluxys, Belgium
Stephan Kamphues Panelist

Stephan Kamphues
Member of the Board of Management, Open Grid Europe, Germany / President, ENTSOG - European Network of Transmission System Operators for Gas, Belgium
Ulrich Lissek Panelist

Ulrich Lissek
Head of Corporate Communications and Governmental Relations, Nord Stream 2, Switzerland
Dr. Joachim Pfeiffer Panelist

Dr. Joachim Pfeiffer
Economic and Energy Policy Spokesman for the CDU/CSU Parliamentary Group / Member of the German Parliament, Germany

Closing Panel Discussion "Safety and Communication"

Asle Venas Session Chair

Asle Venas
Global Pipeline Director, DNV GL, Norway
Michael Bellamy Panelist

Michael Bellamy
CEO, GE PII, United Kingdom
Erik Cornelissen Panelist

Erik Cornelissen
Executive Vice President - Business Collaboration, ROSEN Group, Switzerland
Brigham McCown Panelist

Brigham McCown
Chairman and CEO, Nouveau, United States / Founder, Alliance for Innovation and Infrastructure (Aii), United States
Prof. Dr. Jürgen Schmidt Panelist

Prof. Dr. Jürgen Schmidt
CEO, CSE Center of Safety Excellence, Germany
Dirk Strack Panelist

Dirk Strack
Technical Director, TAL Group (Transalpine Pipeline), Italia/Austria/Germany

Plenary Session "World Pipeline Outlook"

Prof. Dr. Thomas L. Ladwein The IMPACT Report Breaks New Ground in the Study of Corrosion Management

Prof. Dr. Thomas L. Ladwein
Director, NACE European Area, Germany
Dr. Stefan Bürkle How to Make a Major Pipeline Project Bankable – Case Study TAPI Pipeline

Dr. Stefan Bürkle
Managing Director, ILF Consulting Engineers, Germany
Manfred Russ "Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Intensity of Natural Gas Transport"

Manfred Russ
Senior Consultant, thinkstep AG, Germany

Session 1.1: Safety (by DVGW)

"Integrated Safety Concept of DVGW in Terms of Statistical Verification of Incidents"
Frank Dietzsch, DVGW Deutscher Verein des Gas- und Wasserfaches e.V., Germany

"Implementation of the Integrated DVGW Safety Concept at Open Grid Europe"
Dr. Michael Steiner, Open Grid Europe GmbH, Germany

"BIL - A Shift of Paradigm for Construction Inquiries"
Jens Focke, BIL eG, Germany

"Pipeline Security – Public Awareness and Mitigation of Third Party Accidents as a new Layer of Protection for the Critical Infrastructure Gas"
Jürgen Schmidt, CSE Center of Safety Excellence, Germany

Session 1.2: Offshore Technologies

"Live Repair of Offshore Pipelines"
Asle Venas, DNV GL, Norway

"Innovative Repair Solutions for Piping, Pipeline and Riser"
Rosman Arifin, PETRONAS, Malaysia

"Study of Subsea Pipeline Rehabilitation Strategy in Mature Field by Using Infield Liner Method for Capex And Opex Optimization"
Hanto Yananto, PT Pertamina Hulu Energi Offshore North West Java, Indonesia

Session 1.3: Offshore Technologies

"Risk Reduction of Dropped Objects on Pipelines around Offshore Platforms"
Henning Bø, TDW Offshore Services AS, Norway

"Geohazards and geotechnics at the "grey zones" of landfall areas
Dr. Andreas Antoniou, NTUA (National Technical University of Athens), Greece

"Ultra-deep Water Gas Pipelines, Collapse and Consequences"
Hossein Pirzad, Heriot-Watt University, Norway

Session 1.4: Standards & Regulations

"Statutory Aspects of a Pipeline Landfall in Germany - The Role of the Technical Expert among various overlapping Rules and local German Regulations using the example of the Nord Stream 2 Project"
Florian Dinauer, DNV GL, Germanischer Lloyd Industrial Services GmbH, Germany

"How New Regulations in North America are Changing Pipeline Standards"
Nichole Killingsworth, BSD Consulting, Inc., United States

"Pipeline Open Data Standard (PODS) Next Generation"
Peter Veenstra, TRC, United States

"MFL Data Standardization"
Dr. Baocang Jia, China Petrolum Pipeline Bureau, China

Session 2.1: Inline Inspection

"Strain Based Assessment of Wrinkles"
Christopher Holliday, ROSEN Group, United Kingdom

"In Line Inspection of Axial Strain, Technique, Case Studies and Best Practices"
Dennis Janda, Baker Hughes, United States

"Using Acoustic Resonance for the In Line Inspection of Pipelines"
Willem Vos, Halfwave AS, Norway

"Better Data: Methodologies and Best-Practices for Achieving Higher Quality Inspection Results"
Ron Maurier, Quest Integrity, United States

Session 2.2: Inline Inspection

"Sizing Crack Indications from Ultrasonic ILI: Challenges and Options"
Herbert Willems, NDT Global GmbH & Co. KG, Germany

"SCC in Ethylene Glycol Pipelines Investigation"
Hamad Ayyad Al-Dahmashi, SABIC, Saudi Arabia

"Techniques for the Enhanced Assessment of Pipeline Dents"
Derek Balmer, PII Pipeline Solutions, United Kingdom

Session 2.3: Integrity Management

"Development of Flexible QRA Within a GIS Environment"
Andrew Doyle, ROSEN Group, Germany

"Today’s challenges running integrity and risk management for pipelines"
Dr. Stephan Knoblauch, GEOMAGIC GmbH, Germany

"Smart Pipelines - Benefits of IoT technologies for Pipeline Operations"
Serhii Konovalov, Cisco Systems, United States

Session 2.4: Integrity Management

"Avoiding Future Pipeline Failures by Detecting, Identifying, and Prioritizing Mechanical Damage"
Mike Kirkwood, T.D. Williamson, United States

"Practical guidelines to mitigate flow induced failures"
Eddie Achterkamp, DNV GL, Netherlands

"Risk Based Pipeline Integrity Management – A Case Study"
Derek Balmer, PII Pipeline Solutions, United Kingdom

"The application of pipeline DNA assessment in Europe"
Matthew Hadden, ROSEN Integrity Solutions, United Kingdom

Session 3.1: Automation

"State-of-the-art Alarm Management"
Konrad Drebinger, Siemens AG, Germany

"Object oriented implementation & maintenance of pipeline SCADA and Applications"
Martin te Lintelo, Yokogawa Europe BV, Netherlands

"Meter Factor Selection using a Multinomial Figure of Merit Algorithm"
Dr. Craig Eichelkraut, General Electric Company Grid Solutions, United States

Session 3.2: Leak Detection

"AGIFAMOR – Application of distributed acoustic and fibre optic sensors for continuous monitoring of pipes"
Dr. Franziska Baensch, BAM Bundesanstalt für Materialforschung und -prüfung, Germany

"Pipeline Leak Detection - New improvements in leak detection and localisation with pigs"
Rene Landstorfer, GOTTSBERG Leak Detection GmbH & Co. KG, Germany

"A Review on Acoustical Leak Detection Systems based on Four Criteria in API RP 1130"
david wee yang khoo, National Metrology Centre (NMC), Agency for Science Technology and Research (A*STAR), Singapore

Session 3.3: Leak Detection

"Wireless Portable LDS for Theft Detection"
Dr. Soonho Jeong, Daehan Oil Pipeline Corporation, Republic of Korea

"Technology meets nature, A unique approach for optimized pipeline monitoring and leak detection"
Cindy Verhoeven, The Sniffers, Belgium

"Natural Gas Distribution Integrity Management Using Advanced Mobile Methane Detection Technology and Data Analytics"
Andre Bals, Picarro, Inc., United States

Session 3.4: Leak Detection

"Test methods for internal leak detection systems"
Daniel Vogt, KROHNE, Germany

"Pipeline leak detection system and Safety"
Peter Sieber, HIMA, Germany

"DAS (Distributed Acoustic Sensing) - Pipeline Monitoring and the Blue Color of the Sky"
Maria Pimentel , ILF Consulting Engineers, Germany

"Study on the cause of the water leakage accident in the high-pressure pipeline system for farmland irrigation"
Dr. Yoshikazu Tanaka, NARO Institute for rural engineering, Japan

Session 4.1: Trenchless Construction

"New trenchless technology for small diameters and long drives and its use in underground cable installation"
Michael Lubberger, Herrenknecht AG, Germany

"Trenchless Installation with Polyamid 12 - the new protection for pipes"
Markus Hartmann, EVONIK Resource Efficiency GmbH, Germany

"Pipe Ramming machines for HDD Assist & Rescue ensuring smoothly running pipeline jobsites"
Dr. Hans-Joachim Bayer, TRACTO-TECHNIK GmbH & Co. KG, Germany

Session 4.2: Construction

“Case Study of New Technologies Utilized for Pipeline Construction Project in China”
Zhang Wenwei, China Petroleum Pipeline Engineering Co., Ltd., China

"Analysis of Temporary Wooden Cribbing Blocks for Pipe Support"
Dr. Diego D'Alberto, Saipem, Italy

"Internal Pipe Bending – A chance for higher pipeline efficiency"
Oliver Baum, isobend GmbH, Germany

Session 4.3: Construction

"Managing Risks in Construction Projects"
Dr. Nicolai Ritter, CMS Hasche Sigle, Germany

"Automated sub-water surveys in shallow water environments"
Lothar Kreutzwald, P-Systems Pipeline Services GmbH, Germany

"Domino effects in pipeline corridors"
Gerald Laheij, RIVM, Netherlands

Session 4.4: Planning & Design

"Pipeline safety – Protection against lightning related disturbances"
Manfred Kienlein, DEHN + SOEHNE GmbH + Co.KG., Germany

"Geohazard assessment and seismic design of compressor stations"
Dr. Prodromos Psarropoulos, National Technical University of Athens, Greece

"Dynamic Detail Design Mapping for Pipeline Construction through GIS Technology using in-house developed toolbox – TAP Case Study"
Evangelia Gioti & Panagiotis Keramitzis, ASPROFOS Engineering SA, Greece

"Fracture Propagation Prevention on CO2 pipelines: Full Scale Experimental Testing and Verification Approach"
Massimo Di Biagio, Centro Sviluppo Materiali S.p.A., Italy

Session 5.1: Repair

"Repairing Defects on Pipelines"
Markus Rieder, TÜV SÜD Industrie Service GmbH, Germany

"High efficient method to save the gas losses during maintenance process"
Jochen Pernsteiner, Leobersdorfer Maschinenfabrik GmbH, Austria

"Innovation in 3D scanning technology and software is pushing the limits of complex corrosion and mechanical damage assessment on pipelines"
Christophe Piron, Creaform, France

"AC Interference Case Study: Predicting effects and mitigating risks to pipelines with close proximity to wind power feeder and transmission line networks"
Joey Gallant, Corrpro Companies Europe Limited, United Kingdom

Session 5.2: Decommissioning

"Platform Decommissioning: Case Studies in Pipeline Network Reconfiguration"
Henning Bø, TDW Offshore Services AS, Norway

"Comprehensive approach to the decommissioning of oil pipelines"
Pavel Jakoubek, CEPS a.s., Czech Republic

Session 5.3: Composite Repair

"Testing of Composite Repairs according to ISO & ASME standard and beyond"
Jens Schoene, Henkel AG Co KGaA, Germany

"Composite Repairs – Their Application for the Long Term Reinforcement of Mechanical Damage to High Pressure Pipelines within Europe"
James Knights, Clock Spring Company, L.P., United States

"Finite Element Analysis and Full Scale Testing of Composite Repairs on Wrinkle Bends in Pipelines"
Timothy Mally, Citadel Technologies, United States

Session 5.4: Coating

"High performance Coatings for Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD)"
Dr. Thomas Löffler, Denso GmbH, Germany

"An experimental study on the failure of three-layer polyethylene (3LPE) coating on pipelines"
Dr. Ali Golara, NIGC, Iran

"Attaining lasting Corrosion Prevention for the lifetime of the asset"
Dinko Cudic, Seal For Life Industries, The Netherlands

"Case study of an integrated solution for the thermal management of an onshore pipeline"
Dr. Patrizio Sala, Shawcor, Italy

Confirmed Poster Session Presentations

"Alternating Current Field Measurement Inducer Design for ILI of Pipelines"
Dr. Wenpei Zheng, China University of Petroleum, Beijing, China

"Finite element analysis of operating buried pipelines subjected to strike-slip fault movement"
Gersena Banushi, University of Florence and Technische Universität Braunschweig, Italy

"HAZ Properties of Nb containing high strength pipeline steels"
Dr. Jörg Wiebe, Salzgitter Mannesmann Forschung GmbH, Germany

"A Microscopy Study of Relined Small-Diameter Pipes with Polymeric Coatings"
Parastou Kharazmi, KTH Stockholm, Sweden

"Modeling of shared infrastructure system deployment in Florianopolis Metropolitan Area - Infravias System"
Dr. ALOISIO PEREIRA DA SILVA, Federal University of Santa Catarina, Brazil

"Numerical Analysis of Incompressible Flow Leakage in Short Pipes"
Dr. Yan Zeng, National Metrology Centre (NMC), Agency for Science Technology and Research (A*STAR), Singapore

"Rehabilitation of pipelines, an evaluation of technologies"
Dr. Jojanneke van Vossen, KWR Watercycle Research Institute, Netherlands

"Study of fuel transportation polychloroprene pipes degradation. Proposal of a characteristic stress endurance model"
Dr. Ayache Amar, Algerian Petroleum Institute, Algeria

"Thermodynamic Analysis of Natural Gas Flow Passing through Pressure Reduction Stations (CGS) Regulators with computational fluid dynamic (CFD)"
Ehsan Hakimi, NIGC, Iran

"Ultra-deep Water Gas Pipelines, Collapse and Consequences"
Hossein Pirzad, Heriot-Watt University, Norway

Post-Conference Workshops

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