Floor Plan ptc 2019

The Pipeline Technology Conference brings together decision makers from all over the world. It is an excellent opportunity for promoting your services and products to the international pipeline industry and to develop potential customers.

All conference participants will have their coffee and lunch breaks directly within the exhibition - this guarantees highly interested and influential potential customers “right in front of your door”.

Exhibitors are encouraged to make use of the available speaking opportunities and to send in an abstract (final placement in the program is subject to review by the advisory committee). Joint presentations between pipeline operators and technology providers are welcome.

Due to limited exhibition space it is advisable to book at an early stage (first come, first serve). Sponsors and exhibitors could pick their preferred stand locations in the sequence of their date of registration.

ptc 2019 Exhibitor Registration

Below you can enter the most important information about your participation as exhibitor at the 14th Pipeline Technology Conference.
You may provide some of the information later, your provided data will be sent to you for verification, we will also check it again before sending you a confirmation.
This booking process only serves to collect your requirements, documents and contact data, the total amount due for the exhibition service will be calculated by us after we double-check your booking.


Stand booking

Which space option do you choose?*

Standard 6 sqm Booth (4,500 EUR) 12+ sqm Raw Space at 350 EUR / sqm + exhibitor package
Standard 6 sqm Booth:
Comes fully equipped with three conference tickets (worth already 3,600 EUR) and includes all services listed below.
4,500 EUR
Raw Space Booth:
Available from 12 sqm upwards in 6 sqm steps.
Services listed below and your tickets are included in the mandatory Exhibitor packages (see below).
Not included is the stand construction, which can be provided by you or booked from our stand builder.
350 EUR / sqm (12 sqm = 4,200 EUR)
Exhibitor Services:
Exhibitor Services are included in the Standard 6 sqm Booth and in the Exhibitor packages (mandatory for raw space bookings, see below).
  • All further conference tickets come with 10 % discount, exhibition tickets with 20 % discount.
  • Individual exhibition voucher codes to invite your guests to the exhibition - you decide whether you bear the costs for redeemed tickets or the guest gets a discounted ticket.
  • 3.5 kW power supply, Wi-Fi, 1 table, 2 chairs, walls.
  • Logo, link and profile on the Website and in the Final Event Guide.
  • 1/4 page advertisement in the Final Event Guide.
  • 10 % discount on advertisements in the Pipeline Technology Journal.
  • Opportunity to publish company news in the ptj Newsletter.
Additional Options:
  • As a ptc sponsor, you will have a greater presence in both exhibition and conference.
  • Advertisement upgrade in the Final Event Guide.
  • Place an exhibit in the foyer.
  • You may book further booth equipment at our stand constructor LÜCO.
10 % discount for payment within 14 days! (offer up to and including August 2018)

Preferred locations within the exhibition

Pick your preferred locations in descending order (See plan above). Final placement depends on desired location and registration date.


Raw Space Options

Details regarding your Raw space booking. This part is only needed if you plan to make a raw space booking.

Stand size in sqm
Stand size must be a multiple of 6

Which Exhibitor Package do you choose?

Standard Exhibitor Package (800 EUR) Premium Exhibitor Package (2,400 EUR)
Standard Exhibitor Package:
All exhibitor services listed above and:
1 Conference Ticket
2 Exhibition Tickets
800 EUR instead of 1,600 EUR*
Premium Exhibitor Package:
All exhibitor services listed above and:
3 Conference Tickets
2,400 EUR instead of 3,600 EUR*
*regular ticket prices


Prepared stand packages by our Stand Constructor LÜCO

If you are interested in a prepared shell scheme by our stand constructor Lüco, please select your shell scheme here:

Package Advanced (75 EUR/sqm) Package Vision (99 EUR/sqm)
Included in package Advanced:
Standard schell scheme walls, each approx. 1.0 m wide and 2.5 m high
Ceiling construction with fascia board on each clear stand side, facia board approx 30 cm high, white, including inscription up to 15 letters in black
Cord carpet, green, blue, red or grey
1 sqm cabin, with lockable door and wardrobe board
1 table approx. 70 x 70 cm, aluminium frame, white table top
4 chairs, chrome frame, padded, grey
1 information counter approx. 100 x100 x 50 cm, white, rear side open, one shelf
1 spotlight (80 W) per full 3 sqm stand space
75 EUR / sqm
Included in Package Vision:
Standard schell scheme walls, each approx. 1.0 m wide and 2.5 m high
2 towers, each approx 100x50cm height approx 350cm, including inscription up to 15 letters on upper part in black
Coloured decoration strip approx. 20 cm high, running around back wall, green, grey, blue or red
Velour quality carpet, green, blue, red or grey
1 sqm cabin, with lockable door and wardrobe board
1 table D= approx. 80cm, aluminium frame, light grey table top
4 chairs, grey
1 information counter approx. 100 x100 x 50 cm, light grey, rear side open, one shelf
1 150W HQI spotlight on each tower
1 spotlight (80 W) per full 3 sqm stand space
99 EUR / sqm



Upgrade to the advertisement in the Final Event Guide 1/4 page advertisement (included)
1/2 page advertisement (+600 EUR)
1/1 page advertisement (+ 900 EUR)
Other option (We'll get in touch with you)


We are interested in a sponsorship at ptc.

We are interested in placing an exhibit within the exhibition area or the foyer

We are interested in holding a workshop after the conference.
We will get in touch with you.

Various additional equipment for your stand is available via the LÜCO Online Shop.


Company and Contact Details

Company Name *
As to be advertised at ptc. Not necessarily the legal name (e.g. including Ltd. or GmbH) which will be queried later.

Company industry*


Company profile

Max. 50 words. Can be handed in later.

Company Website *

As to be advertised

Company logo

Vector graphics preferred. Can be handed in later.


Single Point of Contact

Contact person for the organisation of the exhibition on your side.

First Name *
Last Name *
Position *
Email *



Billing details

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Legal name

Billable Address

Street Address*
Address Line 2*
Postal / Zip Code*
If applicable.

Internal order number

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Remarks and Order

Additional remarks regarding the stand booking

  • This offer is not valid for private customers (B2B only).
  • With submitting this form you place a binding order on behalf of your company.
  • EITEP stores the data collected here for purposes of planning current and future events and for accounting purposes. The person named under Single Point of Contact will be regularly informed by EITEP about the current planning status and offers for the event. The consent to the storage of personal data may be revoked after the end of the contract.
I understand and accept the above mentioned conditions.*  

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