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For more than 100 years, DENSO Group Germany has built its reputation on high quality and forward-thinking solutions in corrosion prevention for pipelines and innovative sealants for roads, railways and buildings. In 1927, DENSO revolutionised corrosion protection with the world´s first DENSO®-Tape (petrolatum tape).

Since then, DENSO guarantees the highest quality standards with technically trend-setting products and personal service. Research, development and production take place exclusively in Germany. The group’s core business for corrosion prevention consists of the manufacture of real co-extruded 3-ply PE/Butyl-Tapes, Heat Shrinkable Sleeves, Petrolatum-Tapes & Mastics, Polyurethane Coatings, Jetty Pile Protection and Composite Repair Systems. 

Recently, DENSO introduced the patented innovation SEALID®, a primer-free All-in-1 solution for permanent corrosion protection of pipes and pipelines at operating temperatures of up to +70°C. For the first time worldwide, it provides protection against corrosion and mechanical stress in just one application step, without any primer or other devices.