Coating failure: are material properties always the reason for a failure?
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Christian Araiz y Lopez
Christian Araiz y Lopez, Mark Kan
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Corrosion is a pervasive and costly problem that affects various industries worldwide. The successful performance of corrosion protection coatings is critical in mitigating the damaging effects of corrosion on pipelines and metallic structures.

Each year, the Pipeline Technology Conference brings together experts and professionals in the field of coatings to delve into various aspects of quality and performance. However, amidst our discussions about innovative materials, cutting-edge technologies and advanced application techniques, one critical factor often remains overlooked – the human factor.

In the realm of coating application and performance, the human element is an essential yet frequently underestimated element as human errors can significantly compromise the quality and effectiveness of corrosion protection measures. This time, our aim is to shine a spotlight on the often-ignored human factor and its profound impact on the quality and efficacy of coatings. We would like to explore the intricate interplay between human behaviour, actions, decisions and the coating quality as well as to discover how understanding and addressing this factor can lead to improvements of the coating performance.

Several key human factors influence the quality of corrosion protection material application, for instance:

  1. Lack of training and expertise.
  2. Wrong application techniques.
  3. Wrong material or working tools selection due to a false economy.
  4. Inadequate surface preparation.
  5. Time pressure.
  6. Inadequate inspection and quality control.
  7. Criminal energy and sabotage.

Understanding these factors and their potential impact is essential for improving the quality of corrosion protection material application. Addressing these challenges through comprehensive training, equipment maintenance, adherence to industry standards and a culture of safety and quality can significantly enhance the effectiveness of corrosion protection measures, ultimately leading to longer-lasting pipeline infrastructure and reduced maintenance costs.

Leverkusen, September 2023

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