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Pipeline Technology Conference 2024

Event Date
Estrel, Berlin, Germany

Proceedings (ISSN 2510-6716)

Title Author(s)
Acceptability of Pipeline Carbon Steel Flanges with Yield Strength lower than ASTM A694 Tensile Strength Requirement for Service. Kean Leong Chee, Andrew Tuong Thai Ling, Sean Lok Ng, Wan Mohd Hariri bin Mohd Nasihuddin, Brian Lim
Acquiring Visibility on Dynamic Free Span Behavior Through Big Data Nur Asiah Maryam Binti Abdullah, Khairol Hazman A Karim, Raizil Aisyaizni Juzilman, Siti Hawa Hambali, Mohd Nazri Ahmad, Aisyah Ahmad
Advancing CO2 Pipeline Safety: Innovative Predictive Approaches and their Application in On- and Offshore Ductile Fracture Assessment Philipp Marx, Aida Nonn
AI-based welding process monitoring for quality control in large-diameter pipe manufacturing Sergej Gook, Bassel El-Sari, Max Biegler, Michael Rethmeier
Air-based pipeline survey in cultivated fields Edvards Likovskis
Analytic Derivation and Validation of a Probabilistic Corrosion Growth Model Yevgeniy Petrov, Kregg Philpott, Megan Scudder
Anchoring systems in offshore environment Prodromos Psarropoulos, Anastasios Golemis
Assessment of oil & gas pipelines for de-carbonization Gundula Stadie, Christian Mayer
Automated control features for Gas Turbines for combustion system mapping implementation and sustainment Gianni Bagni, Maura Pasquotti, Erica Venturini, Pietro D'Adamo
Beyond Conventional Inline Inspection: Passive Magnetic Field Evaluation for Pipeline Wall Loss Seamus Beairsto, Michael Byington, Shannon Campbell, Anouk van Pol, John van Pol
Carbon dioxide pipelines: Addressing the challenges using pipeline simulation tools Garry Hanmer
Case Study: An Efficient Route to Evidence Safe Repurposing of Pipelines to Hydrogen Oliver Burkinshaw, Neil Gallon, Alistair Carvell, Haider Hussain
Challenges with Hydrogen Blending in Natural Gas York Schorling, Michael Kasch
CO2SafePipe: Design and Operation of CO2 pipelines Bente Leinum, Sigbjørn Røneid, Harald Wathne, Lars Even Torbergsen
Coating failure: are material properties always the reason for a failure? Christian Araiz y Lopez, Mark Kan
Do Coating Testing Procedures Simulate Real Operating Conditions? Visco Elastic Coating (VEC) Performance as External Protection of Underground Metallic Pipelines as an example. Hamad Ababutain
Combining Traditional and Novel Approaches to Manage the Evolving Threat from Geohzards Andrew Wilde, Oscar Ivan Gomez Rosso, Vasileios Athanasiou
Complying with pressure safety regulations for natural gas systems and the implications for a repurposed hydrogen system – a Pipeline Operator and Competent Person perspective Gary Senior, Andy Fuller, Lar English, Emmet McFadden, Des Auld
Cryogenic pipelines for industrial applications – feedback from LNG projects and applications to liquid hydrogen christian geertsen, aurélien damour, wayne grobbelaar, Alejandro Sainz Torrent
Defect prevalence in Fiberglass pipes: a comprehensive review Muhammad Waqar, Azhar M. Memon, Muhammad Sabih, Luai M. AlHems