Kronleuchter im von Greifswald

Dinner Invitation

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On Wednesday evening, the 19th Pipeline Technology Conference culminates with an exquisite dinner invitation at the renowned "von Greifswald".
The evening celebrates not just the culinary arts, but the stories that each dish holds. As we partake in this evening, we are not merely eating; we are tracing the roots of the regional and seasonal dishes that grace our plates.

Speisenzubereitung im von Greifswald


Each course narrates a tale, a history entwined with the very essence of the region from which it originates. The chefs will take a moment to share it with us, allowing us to truly appreciate the depth of our culinary experience. As we savor every bite, let's relish not only the flavors but also the rich heritage and meticulous craft that has been poured into every dish.

This will be an evening of incomparable gastronomy, surrounded by 300 of the finest colleagues.


Location: von Greifswald, Lilli-Henoch-Straße 10, 10405 Berlin.
Event day: Wednesday, 10 April 2023
Bus departure: 18:00 main entrance Estrel
Start of event: 18:45 at the venue
Return shuttles from 21:30, end of event 23:00
Price: 100 EUR plus VAT, buy as add-on to the event ticket or separately.
Places limited to 300 participants!
Dress code: Smart casual

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