Carbon dioxide pipelines: Addressing the challenges using pipeline simulation tools
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Garry Hanmer
Garry Hanmer
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Addressing the challenges of climate change is intricately linked to the successful implementation of carbon capture and storage (CCS) strategies. Central to these strategies is the efficient management of CO2 transportation pipelines, which presents distinct challenges. Unlike typical gases, CO2 exhibits unique properties, such as heightened susceptibility to corrosion, elevated operational pressures, and the potential for phase transitions. These unique properties necessitate innovative solutions.

This paper outlines the importance of developing accurate and reliable simulation models to effectively address these distinctive challenges. It highlights the pivotal role played by equations of state in precisely modelling CO2 pipeline behavior, comparing their performance across various operating conditions. The performance of widely used equations of state such as Peng Robinson, GERG 2004, BWRS, and AGA8 will be compared against an operational case study pipeline.

Furthermore, a comprehensive understanding of critical CO2 parameters, specifically critical pressure, and critical temperature, is essential for predicting phase behavior, pressure fluctuations, and heat transfer of CO2 pipelines. This knowledge provides invaluable guidance for designing and operating these pipelines.

The paper also delves into the distinctive characteristics of CO2 pipeline leaks. Considering the supercritical properties of CO2, leaks on CO2 pipelines have unique environmental and safety implications compared to conventional oil and gas pipelines.

Lastly, the paper explores the specialized pumping systems essential for maintaining efficient flow and pressure in CO2 transportation, ultimately contributing to the effectiveness of Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) strategies in addressing climate change.

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