Pipeline Technology Conference 2011

Event Date
Hannover Messe, Hannover, Germany
Conference Program

Proceedings (ISSN 2510-6716)

Title Author(s)
Advanced Assessment of Pipeline Integrity Using ILI Data Dr. Ted L. Anderson, Daniel J. Revelle
Advances in Mechanical Damage Management Martin Fingerhut
An Alternative Method for Dimensioning of Line Pipe for Pipeline Projects Gunther Kuhn , Hans-Joachim de la Camp
Analysis of failure causes of pipelines transporting dangerous substances R.J. Hansler, J.M. Ham, G.M.H. Laheij
Applied Integrity Management – Highlighting Business Process Improvement Evident Within Class Leading Programmes Bill Rees
Assessment of Seam integrity of an aging petroleum pipeline constructed with Low Frequency ERW line pipes J.P. Sinha, Cherian P. Varghese
ATEX Compliant Provision of In-Line Inspection Services Stephan Wolbeck
Cathodic Disbondment Evaluation in Relation to Non-aging Pipeline Coatings Erik Broesder
Challenges in Producing Line Pipe for the Nord Stream Project and Connecting Lines Hans-Georg Hillenbrand, Christoph Kalwa
Considering In-Line Inspection Technologies as Expert Systems: Role for In-Field Validation Using Advanced NDE Martin Fingerhut
Critical IT-Infrastructure like Pipeline SCADA systems require cyber-attack protection Tobias Walk
Crossing of the river Amu Darya along 1,800 metres with a 56” high-pressure gas pipeline using the HDD method Jörg Himmerich, Albert Großmann, Michael Lubberger, Jo Eising
Deep fracture profile effect on DWT Test for pipeline characterization Matteo Minotti, Prof. Pietro Salvini
Demolition of Redundant Oil Pipelines Fouad Mohamed
De-risking Solutions for Pipelines Sanjeev Sinha
Detection of pipeline leaks in litres Dr. Alex S. de Joode, Andrew Hoffman
Earth-Laid Transport Pipes for -162°C to +400°C David Fröhlich
Enhanced Pipeline Monitoring With Fiber Optic Sensors Jochen Frings
Evolution of Triax Magnetic Flux Leakage Inspection for Mitigation of Spiral Weld Anomalies Qingshan Feng, Jeff Sutherland, Bill Gu, Yao Wei, Cui Tao
Feeding the Shale Gas Revolution – 2005-2010 Core Structural Changes in the North American Market Derek Webber