Feeding the Shale Gas Revolution – 2005-2010 Core Structural Changes in the North American Market
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John Pippard
Derek Webber
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The shale gas revolution is a phenomenon that is changing the very definition of the word “unconventional”; and in North America core structural changes have occurred 2005 -2010 as a result.  Coupled with an unprecedented period of expansive growth in both the capacity and mileage of new interstate pipelines, intrastate pipelines and gathering systems – and with shale gas as the accelerant – major changes including; price stability; flattening of basis differentials; the creation of a multi-basin market with the advent of an eastward transcontinental pipeline (Rockies Express – Kinder Morgan); a new eastward extension in Ruby – and the multitude of “shale play basin to market” pipelines; including MEP, Fayetteville Express and others; the future looks like it will continued to be dominated by expansive highly efficient projects (sometimes bi-directional) to support Marcellus, Haynesville, Eagle Ford, Fayetteville, Horn River (CA) and Montney (CA) plays, as well as the NGL rich and distinctly attractive oil plays from Western Canada, down through the Rockies and into South Texas – most notably Eagle Ford and Bakken. This presentation will examine the last five (5) years of growth, how shale gas has impacted and accelerated these projects and what the future holds in North America for near-term and mid-term trends.  In addition, LNG and NGL projects and technology will be examined, concluding with possible future states for Europe and China with corollaries in Marcellus development; environmental and public perception.