Applied Integrity Management – Highlighting Business Process Improvement Evident Within Class Leading Programmes
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Bill Rees
Bill Rees
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Business Process Improvement lies at the heart of effective Pipeline Integrity.  Applied on a Segment-specific basis, a progressive, structured approach ensures that an effective Integrity Evaluation is produced; applied system-wide, such an approach lies at the heart of a sustainable Integrity Management Programme.

By configuring “the application of disciplines to verify that a pipeline meets its appropriate & intended requirements” in a manner consistent with Business Process Improvement, Pipeline Operators can construct a class-leading Pipeline Integrity Management System.

In this paper, we draw upon international benchmarking history to demonstrate the results achieved by operators who apply Integrity in a manner consistent with Business Process Improvement.  We then identify common characteristics within each successful application in order to define the components and elements that must be present within an effective Pipeline Integrity Management System.  Beyond the Process itself, populated with components and elements required to enable effective completion of each task, we examine the supporting systems and structures that facilitate successful Process execution.

Finally, using a case study, we describe the reconfiguration of a System designed to manage Pipeline Integrity to ensure that a consistent approach is applied to manage the Integrity & Reliability of Process Facilities.  This case study further demonstrates the underlying Business Process Improvement that drives effective Integrity and illustrates a potential direction for Pipeline Integrity Management Systems.

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