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7 Mar 2022 to 10 Mar 2022
Estrel, Berlin, Germany

Proceedings (ISSN 2510-6716)

Topic Author(s)
2021: the Year Ransomware Discovered Midstream, What Have We Learned? Sam Miorelli
3D-Localisation and magnetic mapping of buried pipelines using Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) Mehdi M. Laichoubi, Ludovic Berthelot, Vincent Benet, Miaohang Hu, Bruno Macchabee, Michel Pinet, Pierre Sroczynski, Samir Takillah
A Case Study for a New Approach to Manage the Risk of Girth Weld Cracking in a Modern NPS 40 X70/X80 Pipeline with a combination of high resolution MFL, AXISS™ and IMU In-Line Inspection Technology Mohamed ElSeify, Bill (Biao) Gu
A case study – Improved efficiency of an integrity program using the EMAT technology Stephan Tappert, Joerg Weislogel, Korwin Moores, Ian Mullin
A New Solution for Efficient, Accurate, and Safe Interrupted Surveys Jay Warner, Randy Hilgart
A Novel IoT-based Method for Real-time Detection of Spontaneous Leaks in Pipelines, Gathering Systems, and Offshore Risers Michael Nicolaas Jansen van Rensburg, Matthew Grimes, Stuart Mitchell
AIMI - Airborne Intelligent Monitoring of Infrastructures Dirk Schmidt, Andreas Müller
Alkali resistance of coatings? Will tests of cathodic disbondment provide reliable statements to this question? Thomas Löffler
An Increasing Concern - Third Party Interference Damage on Buried Pipelines. An European Case Study Yannick Joubeaux, Sonia Rodrigues
Applications of Vibroacoustic Technology to support pipeline assets re-use, integrity management and energy transition projects Marco Marino, Silvio Del Giudice, Fabio Chiappa, Giuseppe Giunta
ATEX (Zone 1) Certification for Inline Pipeline Isolation Solutions Gary Anderson, Henning Bo
Baseline Integrity Profile for heavy wall spiral welded pipe Wayne Fleury, Wilson Santamaria, Madeleine Dømbe
Building a Web App that uses models to predict optimal future gas network states for managing nominations and equipment outages Christopher Davison, George Giannatos
Challenges of converting existing natural gas network including high grade steel pipelines for hydrogen service Victoria Monsma
Collapse testing and analysis of JCO-E steel pipes Ilias Gavriilidis, Aris Stamou, Athanasios Tazedakis, Nikos Voudouris, Christos Palagas, Efthimios Dourdounis, Spyros Karamanos
Continued Considerations on Hydrogen Pipeline Projects in Europe York Schorling
Crack evaluation in a pipeline using classical equations with Bayesian network and detection probability assessment using Gaussian Monte-Carlo simulation Santosh Kumar, Deepak Agarwal, Saumitra Gupta, Atul Parmar
Defect localization using free-floating unconventional ILI tools without AGMs Matthew Kindree, Shannon Campbell, Anouk van Pol, John van Pol
Deployment and Re-Deployment of Mobile Leak Detection Devices Steve Edmondson, Adrian Banica
Drone-Based Methane Emissions Detection Kyle Fairchild, Mark Iden
Eclipse UCx: Advanced UT Crack Inspection 3 Year Activity Report Rogelio Guajardo, Dorin Rusu, Rocio Carmona, Christian Rodriguez
Emergency Response Operational Readiness: An Algorithmic Mitigation Approach Aaron Madden, Laurent Fabry
Energy Transition and the Impact on Pipeline Integrity Neil Gallon, Mario Humbert, Michael Tewes
Engineered Polyamide 12 (PA12) liner for steel pipe rehabilitation and CO2 transportation under challenging conditions Silvia Helena Torrado Duran, Mohana Murali Adhyatmabhatter
Enhancing the Availability of Oil Network using Focused Reliability Assessment of Critical Valves Khalid Jabr, Dahham Anazi, Qadeer Ahmed, Zaid Subaie
Entering into the Guinness Book of Records by inserting a 5km pipeline 48” into a tunnel under the River Humber Wilko Koop
Evaluation of Engineered Composite Repairs Addressing Dent Applications Grzegorz Major, Casey Whalen
Evaluation of the Suitability of an Existing Natural Gas Distribution Network for Hydrogen Blending Mohamed Chebaro, Steven Rogers, Desiree Gajonera
From generation to distribution - Innovative solutions to enable the upscaled H2 economy Carsten Schuett, Anna Pougin
Full-scale validation test of a pressure pipeline rehabilitated with CIPP Ferran Gras, Marco Antonio Pérez, Antoni Andreu Torras
Geohazard screening using a new and rapid IMU inspection service Beatrice Haring, Klaas Kole, Andy Young
Green Hydrogen for remote areas Tin Jurisic
Hydrogen enriched natural gas: a critical review on safety and risk analysis on pilot projects Ioannis Kopsacheilis, Nikolaos P. Ventikos, Dimitrios Drivas
Hydrogen pipelines in cable routes Jens Kottsieper
Illegal hot tappings – qualification stages of an innovative inline inspection tool Manon Servais, Stéphane Benichou, Arnaud Lemaire
Impact of Climate Change on the Integrity of Onshore Gas Pipelines crossing Mountainous or Hilly Areas Prodromos Psarropoulos, Nikolaos Makrakis, Yiannis Tsompanakis
Improved Measurement of Peaking Angles and Peaking Heights using ILI Data Gerhard Kopp, Michael Frank, Thomas Meinzer, Roberto Yanez
Inline inspection of aging assets in sensitive environment - A case study Basil Hostage, Hendrik Friemann
Intelligent solutions for inspection of challenging pipelines, case study: 10” rigid offshore oil riser inspection for wall thickness and cracks Ulrich Schneider, Abco Enters
Jet noise characterization for advanced pipeline leak detection Riccardo Angelo Giro, Giancarlo Bernasconi, Giuseppe Giunta, Simone Cesari
Keeping Safety Grounded in the Hydrogen Takeoff: Revisiting Risk in Pig Launching and Receiving Operations Neil McKnight, Phillip Harrison, Roger Poe
Leak Detection for Energy Transition Max Ihring, Daniel Vogt
Long Pipes Fluid Highways for CO2 and Hydrogen Neil Graham
Lowering emissions on pipeline compression station, full scale testing of NovaLT16 with ultra-low DLN combustor Francesco Trincia, Gianluca Bartolini, egidio pucci
Material Performances Comparison between PE/butyl rubber and PVC/bitumen tapes Luc Perrad, Sabine Poitz
Material Selection and Integrity Assessment of Sour Gas & Hydrogen Pipelines Jens Tronskar
Material-adapted and process-reliable multi-wire submerged arc welding of large-diameter pipes Sergej Gook, Bassel El-Sari, Max Biegler, Michael Rethmeier, Frank Lichtenthäler, Michael Stark
Meeting the Challenge - EUROPIPE Prepares for Hydrogen Pipelines Christoph Kalwa
Methane emission-reduction through targeted elimination of large emitters Renato Winkler
Methane Emissions Quantification and Natural Gas Leak Detection Platform for Oil and Gas Operators Alnoor Ebrahim
Methane Emissions Reduction System in Pipeline Compressor Stations: Enagas & Baker Hughes Experience Sergio Cipriani, Andrea Intieri, Luis Miguel Sanchez, Tania Meixus Fernandez
Monitoring of Pipeline RoU using Remote Sensing and GIS Techniques Yogin Gajjar
New polyurethane-based coating material – fit for pipelines Rainer Kuprion, Timon Rossa
Operational Pigging (OP) for Glass Reinforced Epoxy (GRE) Pipeline Khairil Asraf Che Amat, Dharveen Kumar, Norazman M Isa, Shahrun Nizam Safiin
Optimization of Pumping Systems in pipelines Péter Tóth, Richard Vermaesen, Gergely Kristóf
Overcoming challenges in the performance validation of fiber-optic pipeline leak detection systems Chris Minto, Alastair Godfrey, Alasdair Murray
PE Pipelines – Improvement of Productivity and Safety Using Mobile VFT Welding Trac`s Sebastian Schwarzer
Pipeline Deployment of Hybrid Fiber Optic Networks for High Fidelity Sensing and Other Communication Based Applications Steven Koles, Ehsan Jalilian, John Hull
Pipeline monitoring using an internal fiber optic sensing cable: a case study on retrofitting a drinking water pipeline Thijs Lanckriet, Thomas Van Hoestenberghe
Predicting the Likelihood of External Interference Damage Using Machine Learning Algorithms Trained on In-Line Inspection Data Katherine Taylor, Matthew Capewell, Jonathan Martin, Roland Palmer-Jones
Progress and challenges in pipeline theft detection Harry Smith
Pushing the Limit - Pipeline Installation Design Aspects Tim Jaguttis
Q.C.M. (Quality Control Management) : Digitalization of the monitoring of the Pipeline construction. Léna Muscillo, Julien Beaufils, Corentin Babin
Quantifying the impact of soft surface soil layers on fault rupture propagation and kinematic distress of offshore and onshore pipelines Nikolaos Makrakis, Prodromos Psarropoulos, Anastasios Sextos, Yiannis Tsompanakis
Real Time monitoring of critical flanges via hydrocarbon leak detection Jana Frank, Michael Honné, Kourosh Bahrami, Jens Schoene
Realize Effective Methane Emission Quantification Using a step-by-step Approach Cindy Verhoeven
Reflection on Test Pressure Exposure for Submarine Pipeline Systems Leif Collberg, Jean Malnory
Safely repurposing existing pipeline-infrastructure for CO2 transport – Key issues to be addressed Bente Leinum, Erling Ostby, Lars Even Torbergsen, Sigbjørn Røneid
Satellite-based ROW monitoring solution deployed in full operation: initial results Alexander Blauw, Elizabeth Antonopoulou, Arnaud van den Berg, Pauline Liaume, Sven van Haver
Surrogate Modelling for the Estimation of Stress Intensity Factor Durlabh Bartaula, Ngandu Balekelayi, Smitha Koduru, Yong Li, Samer Adeeb
The Future of Oil and Gas Pipeline Monitoring with Hyperspectral Imaging Peter Weaver
The Impact of Tetherless Robotic Inspections on the Future of Pipeline Maintenance and Integrity Programs Rod Lee, David Gian
The Power to Know More About Third Party Gouging Matt Romney, Dane Burden, Mike Kirkwood
Tunnel Impact Analyses for Washington DC Clean Rivers Project: Design Build Bidding to Protect Critical Pipelines Jey Jeyapalan, Ron Bzzarrii, Brad Murray
Under the Humber: insights from a 5 km long tunneling project Michael Lubberger
Use of Ice Pigging for Unpiggable Pipeline Decommissioning Steve Wheeler
What’s your purpose? Reusing gas infrastructure for Hydrogen transportation and storage! Harrald Groniger, Winifred Meester