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Pipeline Technology Conference 2022

Event Date
Estrel, Berlin, Germany

Proceedings (ISSN 2510-6716)

Title Author(s)
2021: the Year Ransomware Discovered Midstream, What Have We Learned? Sam Miorelli
3D-Localisation and magnetic mapping of buried pipelines using Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) Mehdi M. Laichoubi, Ludovic Berthelot, Vincent Benet, Miaohang Hu, Bruno Macchabee, Michel Pinet, Pierre Sroczynski, Samir Takillah
AIMI - Airborne Intelligent Monitoring of Infrastructures Dirk Schmidt, Andreas Müller
Alkali resistance of coatings? Will tests of cathodic disbondment provide reliable statements to this question? Thomas Löffler
Applications of Vibroacoustic Technology to support pipeline assets re-use, integrity management and energy transition projects Marco Marino, Silvio Del Giudice, Fabio Chiappa, Giuseppe Giunta
ATEX (Zone 1) Certification for Inline Pipeline Isolation Solutions Gary Anderson, Henning Bo
Building a Web App that uses models to predict optimal future gas network states for managing nominations and equipment outages Christopher Davison, George Giannatos
A Case Study for a New Approach to Manage the Risk of Girth Weld Cracking in a Modern NPS 40 X70/X80 Pipeline with a combination of high resolution MFL, AXISS™ and IMU In-Line Inspection Technology Mohamed ElSeify, Bill (Biao) Gu
A case study – Improved efficiency of an integrity program using the EMAT technology Stephan Tappert, Joerg Weislogel, Korwin Moores, Ian Mullin
Challenges of converting existing natural gas network including high grade steel pipelines for hydrogen service Victoria Monsma
Collapse testing and analysis of JCO-E steel pipes Ilias Gavriilidis, Aris Stamou, Athanasios Tazedakis, Nikos Voudouris, Christos Palagas, Efthimios Dourdounis, Spyros Karamanos
Crack evaluation in a pipeline using classical equations with Bayesian network and detection probability assessment using Gaussian Monte-Carlo simulation Santosh Kumar, Deepak Agarwal, Saumitra Gupta, Atul Parmar
Defect localization using free-floating unconventional ILI tools without AGMs Matthew Kindree, Shannon Campbell, Anouk van Pol, John van Pol
Deployment and Re-Deployment of Mobile Leak Detection Devices Steve Edmondson, Adrian Banica
Drone-Based Methane Emissions Detection Kyle Fairchild, Mark Iden
Eclipse UCx: Advanced UT Crack Inspection 3 Year Activity Report Rogelio Guajardo, Dorin Rusu, Rocio Carmona, Christian Rodriguez
Emergency Response Operational Readiness: An Algorithmic Mitigation Approach Aaron Madden, Laurent Fabry
Energy Transition and the Impact on Pipeline Integrity Neil Gallon, Mario Humbert, Michael Tewes
Engineered Polyamide 12 (PA12) liner for steel pipe rehabilitation and CO2 transportation under challenging conditions Silvia Helena Torrado Duran, Mohana Murali Adhyatmabhatter