2021: the Year Ransomware Discovered Midstream, What Have We Learned?
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Sam Miorelli
Sam Miorelli
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Cybersecurity attacks across critical infrastructure in 2021 showed that hackers now recognize the energy industry as a rich source of funds for ransomware and double-ransomware attacks. This has dramatically shifted the posture the industry has to take both due to a significant increase in regulations in many countries worldwide and due to how this hacker focus changes the risk management analysis. Like other industries that found themselves targeted in years past, this means that just “not being connected” or basic antivirus is no longer adequate for midstream operators. Sam Miorelli, Global Head of Cybersecurity for Industrial Applications will discuss lessons learned from these attacks and new regulations and what operators and the overall oil and gas industry can do to make up for lost time and stay ahead of both the regulators and the hackers.

Focus areas:

  • Artificial Intelligence as a disruptive tool to thwart zero-day attacks
  • Regulatory changes and best practices for staying ahead of the regulators
  • Ways to leverage updated risk-reduction tools to also reduce plant maintenance tasks for on-site personnel

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