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Siemens Energy is one of the world’s leading energy technology companies. The company’s mission is to help its customers to meet the growing global demand for energy while transitioning to a more sustainable world. How? With innovative technologies, extensive energy experience and an ambitious strategy to decarbonize global energy systems are all central to Siemens Energy’s efforts to be the partner and driver of the energy transition. Present in more than 90 countries the company works together with customers and partners on future energy systems. With its industrial applications Siemens Energy offers a broad portfolio of products, integrated systems, solutions, and services, comprising rotating equipment, drivetrain systems, electrification, automation, and digital solutions for the entire energy value chain.

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Siemens Energy

Title Presenter Conference year
Hybrid Drives at Compression Stations to Meet the Challenges of the Energy Transition Roshan Joseph ptc 2024
State-of-the-art Cyber Security for Pipeline Infrastructure Asim Zaidi ptc 2024
Hydrogen Compression Solutions under consideration of the European Hydrogen Backbone Michael Schulz ptc 2024
Electrification of pipelines – a most efficient way towards decarbonization Mike Liepe ptc 2023
2021: the Year Ransomware Discovered Midstream, What Have We Learned? Dr. Sam Miorelli ptc 2022
A Novel IoT-based Method for Real-time Detection of Spontaneous Leaks in Pipelines, Gathering Systems, and Offshore Risers Ron Salas ptc 2022
Paperless Integrated Plant Documentation – a dream or reality? Otmane Zraouti ptc 2021
Key cyber-security controls for reliable pipeline operation Jean-Francois Wirrmann ptc 2021
Key cyber-security controls for reliable pipeline operation Jean-Francois Wirrmann ptc 2020
Pumping smarter via analytics and artificial intelligence Corie J. Allemand ptc 2019
Fiber Optic Pipeline Monitoring Technology - Perspective Of New Generation Konrad Drebinger ptc 2018
State-of-the-art Alarm Management Konrad Drebinger ptc 2017
Pipeline Scada Virtualization - a Dream or Real Lifecycle Cost Saving Helmut Wimmer ptc 2016
Taking-off with UAVs: Just a hype or future key technology in pipeline integrity management Josef Alois Birchbauer ptc 2016
Crude Oil Pump Stations – Optimization CAPEX + OPEX Dr. Gerd Kloeppner ptc 2016
The Shale-Gas Revolution Dr. Andreas Helget ptc 2014
MAEC (Main Automation and Electrical Contractor) Pipeline project: advantages and challenges of the concept Dr. Andreas Helget ptc 2013
Siemens-Workshop "De-risking Solutions for Pipelines" Sanjeev Sinha ptc 2012
Operational Transparency, Business Excellence and KPI Management Sanjeev Sinha ptc 2012
De-risking Solutions for Pipelines Sanjeev Sinha ptc 2011
Trends and Innovations in the Field of Totally Integrated Solutions for Pipelines Sanjeev Sinha ptc 2009
Automation and Security Systems for Pipelines Sanjeev Sinha ptc 2006