Pipeline Technology Conference 2018

Event Date
Estrel, Berlin, Germany
Conference Program

Proceedings (ISSN 2510-6716)

Title Author(s)
Advanced Methods For Optimization Of Composite Repair Technologies Matthew Green, Davie Peguero, Chris Alexander
Application Of Artificial Intelligence Methods On Realtime Laser Backscatter Data Richard Vogel, Alexander Adam, Wolfgang Benn, Sebastian Leuoth
Application of stochastic aging models to increase asset value profit for urban infrastructures  Dr. Robert Stein
Assessing Repeat ILI Data Using Signal-To-Signal Comparison Techniques Jane Dawson, Geoff Hurd
Best Practices for Cybersecurity Diagnosis in Industrial Environments Ernesto Landa
Case Study On Environmental Cracking Resistance Assessment Of Welded Segments Of An Interconnecting Sour Gas Feed Pipeline Reza Ghorbani, Mohammad Houshmand, Omid Razavizadeh
Challenges of a large Offshore Project from a line pipe manufacturers view C. Kassel, A. Liessem, T. Gjedrem
Complex Research Of Metal Properties Of Long-Lived Pipes Of The Main And Technological Pipelines S.V. Skorodumov, D.A. Neganov, E.P. Studenov, N.Yu. Nikitin
Concept Of Designing Lightning Protection Systems In Hazardous Areas - Advantage Of 3D Planning Tools Manfred Kienlein
Condition Assessment For Optimizing Gasunie’s Network Improvement Program (GNIP) M. Hommes, K. van Bloemendaal, R. Coster, M. Gielisse, M.H. van Agteren, E.E.R. Jager
Coordinated construction of supply networks in Berlin Ulrike Franzke
Cyber-security aspects of modern pipeline operations Steve Hill
Data-Driven Approaches To Pipeline Cleaning Otto Huismann
Deep Water ILI Tool Development And 5 Years Operational Experience Olivier Gillieron, Humberto Rodriguez, Basil Hostage, Daniel Schaper
Defining the Limits Of Application Of Directional Drilling Technology During Construction Of Pipeline Underwater Crossings D.A. Shatalov, A.N. Sapsay, Z.Z. Sharafutdinov, D.R. Vafin
Development and Testing of Subsurface monitoring and Oil leak detection system- SubSense LDS Stephen Edmondson, Kaushik Parmar, David Scharff, Adrian Banica
Effect Of Nano Particles Treated With Silane Coupling Agent On Physical And Corrosion Properties Of Heat Shrinkable Field Joint Coating Babak Biuk Afshari, Mehran Rostami, Masoud Jamshidi, Iman Khaki
Effect of welding defects on mechanical properties and fatigue life of girth welds of X80 steel pipe Lihua Qi, Hui Feng, Hui Zhang Shu, Liang Jin Zuo, Yulei Wang
Emergency Pipeline Repair In Practice- Insight In Today’s EPRS System Rahul Raghukumar, Cindy Dirkx, Hesam Sanaee
Emergency Response For Colombian Crude Oil Pipeline Michael Kasch