Deep Water ILI Tool Development And 5 Years Operational Experience
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Basil Hostage
Olivier Gillieron, Humberto Rodriguez, Basil Hostage, Daniel Schaper
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The paper describes development of in line inspection tools and equipment for deployment in 1500+m water depth offshore oil production pipelines. Various design challenges were posed by the operational conditions and the pipeline operator. A joint development project is described in which 3P Services and the pipeline operator define the necessary tool characteristics, development and test program. These challenges included: high pressure tool body design (considering the resulting limited internal space available for on board systems), bi-directional inspection operation capability, ability to negotiate flexible risers without damage to the riser’s internal carcass. Non tool related developments were also required to prepare a locating device for use in a stuck tool event. After the successful development, 5 years of operational experience are reviewed summarizing lessons learned and potential for further development.

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