Cyber-security aspects of modern pipeline operations
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Stephen Hill
Steve Hill
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Some facts and figures ? 54% of industrials surveyed reporting a cyber-incident in past 12 months ? $4 Million: Average cost of a data breach now stands at about $4 million ? 58.5 days: Average time it takes to resolve malicious insider attacks. We will present a summary of the current issues, back up by industry data looking at the size of threat and potential monetary and downtime costs faced by industry we will then then focus on the following topics: - What are the threats? - Hackers, Malware, lack of expertise, aging workforce - Where do they come from? - Software - updates, patches, back-doors - Physical – removable media, laptops, unsecured wireless and switches, multiple access points, remote access - How do we protect our systems? - Layered security (both physical and soft), managed services, whitelisting - How do we prevent threats? - Secure media exchange, education, automated patching, top-down management, replacement of obsolete equipment - What will future systems look like? - Managed security, 24x7 monitoring and reporting, advanced threat intelligence, multi-vendor security from a single source, security standards & certification, Next-gen firewalls, regulatory compliance enforcement - We will discuss - The challenges faced by the modern pipeline operator, outlining perceived best practice and how the threats faced can be best mitigated - How do we prevent them? - Outlining solutions, technically exploring each of the topics above, expanding upon them to explain how we are facing these challenges head-on and making systems easier to understand and more secure, allowing customers to concentrate on running their operations whilst we manage the cyber-security in the background.

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