Effect Of Nano Particles Treated With Silane Coupling Agent On Physical And Corrosion Properties Of Heat Shrinkable Field Joint Coating
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Babak Biuk Afshari
Babak Biuk Afshari, Mehran Rostami, Masoud Jamshidi, Iman Khaki
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Protection with barrier effect is the main method for protecting the underground pipe line. The protection of this method completes with cathodic protection. So, the behavior of coatings when protect under the cathodic current is important. In pipe line, the field joint area is important for protection against corrosion. So the selection of field joint coatings must be according to the main coatings. In poly ethylene 3 layer coating system, for protection of field joint area, usually used heat shrinkable sleeve coatings. These coatings according to service temperature were classified. The aim of this study, assessment of surface modification of nanoceria and silica on physical and corrosion properties of hot melt adhesive for service temperature up to 65 °C. Surface treated nano particles 1, 3,5 % Wt. were added to hot melt adhesive. To study the chemical interaction of nano particles with polymeric matrix, using DSC, TGA and Softening point Analysis. Also to assessment electrochemical properties of adhesive, using EIS (Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy) and cathodic protection test.

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