Advanced Methods For Optimization Of Composite Repair Technologies
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Matthew A. Green
Matthew Green, Davie Peguero, Chris Alexander
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For the better part of the past 20 years, composite repair technologies have significantly impacted the manner in which operating companies maintain the integrity of their high-pressure gas and liquid pipeline systems. In the early 1990s, the pipeline industry adopted the use of composite materials for reinforcing corrosion features; however, today’s composite reinforcing systems are used to reinforcement almost any conceivable feature and anomaly. Composite manufacturers and pipeline operators have contributed significantly to the adoption of this technology through funding of extensive and comprehensive full-scale testing research and development programs. The contents of this paper will provide details on the development of specialized composite technologies for reinforcing defect anomalies such as corrosion and dents subjected to aggressive operating conditions, including burst testing and cyclic pressures. Information is included on the design process used by engineers to optimize reinforcements using constitutive properties and insights from previous testing and research programs. Detailed test results will be included, including information on how test results can be used to assist operators in maintaining their pipeline systems using advanced composite reinforcing technologies.

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