Digitalisation of Maintenance as Pipeline Operator
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Dr. Thomas Bartsch
Thomas Bartsch
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Our environment is constantly changing in which conscientious maintenance is key to operate pipelines in a safe and reliable way. New digital technologies, such as predictive maintenance or data analytics, offer new ways of maintaining assets and supporting us as operators to monitor the operability of our business more effectively. Changing with established organisational structures and corporate cultures, the transformation to a smarter maintenance, in which knowledge is available based on data, is thus becoming a more important task. Data is being made available electronically and thus, can be transferred to multiple different systems for processing. It enables pipeline operators to benefit from an intelligent maintenance set-up but also needs preparation effort.

RMR as pipeline operator explains how we have established a digital way to organise our maintenance tasks with digital ways of working. RMR uses a computerised maintenance management system (CMMS) with a dedicated maintenance process and an organisation which will be presented. Furthermore, RMR’s first experiences will be shared with the community and RMR is interested to discuss alternative approaches and experiences. Digitalisation, as it stands, is just a word but covers substantially a variety of aspects and characteristics.

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