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Title Presenter Company Conference
"Live" Repair of Gas Pipeline Leaks Asle Venas Norway DNV GL Pipeline Technology Conference 2017
Advanced Methods For Optimization Of Composite Repair Technologies Matthew A. Green United States NRI (Neptune Research) Pipeline Technology Conference 2018
Analysis of Microstructure and Mechanical Properties Patching Result on Flowline Pipe Ari Antono Indonesia Kondur Petroleum Pipeline Technology Conference 2013
Coatings removal by Induction– A new approved method for use on pipes and active pipelines Hans Petter Engejordet Norway RPR Technologies Pipeline Technology Conference 2019
Composite Repair Performance at Elevated Temperatures Jim Souza United States Pipe Wrap Pipeline Technology Conference 2013
Composite Repairs – Their Application for the Long Term Reinforcement of Mechanical Damage to High Pressure Pipelines within Europe James Knights United States ClockSpring | NRI Pipeline Technology Conference 2017
Composite Sleeves for Permanently Restoring the Serviceability of Pipe: A Review of Testing and Standards Dr. Paul Hill United States ClockSpring | NRI Pipeline Technology Conference 2007
Construction of a high-pressure gas pipeline PN 25 by means of trenchless technologies in the Czech Republic Robert Goletz Germany Rädlinger Primus Line Pipeline Technology Conference 2019
Cost and Time Effective Repairs of Faulty Pipeline Valves and Fittings Mark Sim Norway TDW Offshore Services AS Pipeline Technology Conference 2007
Decision Making Matrix for Emergency Pipeline Repairs Harshad S. Phadnis United Arab Emirates McDermott International Pipeline Technology Conference 2015
Emergency Pipeline Repair In Practice- Insight In Today’s EPRS System Rahul Raghukumar Netherlands IRM Systems Pipeline Technology Conference 2018
Emergency Response to OSPAR Pipeline in Guaratuba - PR. Guilherme Cordeiro Brazil Petrobras Transporte S.A. - TRANSPETRO Pipeline Technology Conference 2012
Field Applied Coatings: Interaction with Cathodic Protection Luc Perrad Belgium ExParTech Pipeline Technology Conference 2019
Finite Element Analysis, Full-Scale Testing And Case Study Of Composite Reinforcement Of Defected Girth Weld Joints On Vintage Pipelines Dr. Mahdi Kiani United States Citadel Technologies Pipeline Technology Conference 2018
High efficient method to save the gas losses during maintenance process Jochen Pernsteiner Austria Leobersdorfer Maschinenfabrik Pipeline Technology Conference 2017
Illegal tap repair applications Adem Dincay Turkey Botas International Pipeline Technology Conference 2013
Innovative Repair Solutions for Piping, Pipeline and Riser Rosman Arifin Malaysia PETRONAS Carigali Pipeline Technology Conference 2017
Intelligent Predictive Maintenance in the context of Maintenance 4.0 for Oil & Gas Industry Dr. Rama Srinivasan Velmurugan India GAIL (India) Ltd. Pipeline Technology Conference 2019
Life Cycle Extension Strategies Alberto Montoya Mexico PEMEX Pipeline Technology Conference 2019
Lifetime benefits from different defect assessment methods Wolfgang Schmidt Germany TÜV Rheinland Industrie Service Pipeline Technology Conference 2011
Long term durability of composite pipeline repairs James Knights United States ClockSpring | NRI Pipeline Technology Conference 2016
Maintenance of High Pressure Pipeline Systems - Regulatory Frameworks and Cooperation with Service Companies Jörg Salomon Germany VNG-Verbundnetz Gas AG Pipeline Technology Conference 2009
Mastering the Temperbead Technique for In-Service Maintenance Welding Part 1 Tran Mah-Paulson United States T.D. Williamson Pipeline Technology Conference 2019
Multi-Stage Weld Repair of Offshore Pipelines Dr. Cosmas Vlattas Italy Saipem Pipeline Technology Conference 2014
Permanent Repair of Pipeline Features with Carbon Wraps Michael Huss Austria Adria-Wien Pipeline Pipeline Technology Conference 2014
Pressurised Pipeline Repair or Modification; Enabled by Double Block and Bleed Isolation Tools Dale Millward United Kingdom STATS Group Pipeline Technology Conference 2015
Pumping smarter via analytics and artificial intelligence Corie J. Allemand Germany Siemens Energy Pipeline Technology Conference 2019
Re-coating of oldest pipeline @Bolivia GSCY (24" x 540 km) Jaime Portugal Zeballos Bolivia YPFB TRANSPORTE Pipeline Technology Conference 2019
Reduction In Risk From Third Party Damage To LPG Pipelines In India Saumitra Shankar Gupta India Indian Oil Corporation Pipeline Technology Conference 2018
Repair Work for 24” High Pressure Gas Pipeline: The Challenges and Lessons Learnt Marzuki Bin Nodin Malaysia PETRONAS Carigali Pipeline Technology Conference 2010
Repairing Defects on Pipelines Markus Rieder Germany TÜV SÜD Industrie Service Pipeline Technology Conference 2017
The Nord Stream Offshore Pipeline Repair Strategy - Preparing for Contingencies Andrey Voronov Switzerland Nord Stream Pipeline Technology Conference 2015
Understanding Structured Light 3D Technology For Use in Pipeline Defect Analysis Joe Summa United States Technical Toolboxes Pipeline Technology Conference 2014
Use of Fiber Optic Technology in Monitoring Steel Sleeves and Composite Wrap Reinforcements Alan Turner United States Lloyd's Register Energy Pipeline Technology Conference 2019
Using Analytics to Leverage Data in the Midstream Pipeline Industry Jacques van Dijk Canada AVEVA Pipeline Technology Conference 2019
Using Risk Management to Optimize the Maintenance Plan for Pipelines Gaurav Singh Switzerland ROSEN Group Pipeline Technology Conference 2019
Validation Testing of Composite Repair Systems for Pipes and Pipelines Roger H. Walker United States Citadel Technologies Pipeline Technology Conference 2009
What are The Differences Between Composite Repairs, What Should a Pipeline Operator be Aware of When Choosing a Composite Repair? James Knights United States ClockSpring | NRI Pipeline Technology Conference 2015

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