ptc 2023 Keynote Speech from Prof. Andreas Goldthau (© 2023 Ralph Thiele / EITEP)

Pipeline Technology Conference 2023

Event Date
Estrel, Berlin, Germany

Proceedings (ISSN 2510-6716)

Title Author(s)
Above and Below: ILI-based Pipe Strain Assessment Dietbert Wortelen, Joerg Grillenberger, Sebastian Huehn, Daniel Bahrenburg
Advances in Corrosion Growth Rate Calculation from Comparison of ILI Data Aidan Charlton, Brendan Kelly, Jack Rowell
Anomalies in the neighborhood: exploring the feasibility of a k-nearest neighbors classifier to match anomalies reported by consecutive in-line inspections Semyon Bokhankevich
Application and validation of FMC 2D ultrasonic imaging for CRA girth weld inspection Niels Portzgen, Marcelo Feitosa dos Santos Junior
Application of pipeline inspection using a self-propelled robot in Japan Yasuyuki Ikuno, Ryouta Nakazawa, Rod Lee
Assessing the accurate topography of complex channeling corrosion by means of ultrasonic wall measurement tools. A case study and experiences Kerstin Munsel, Katherine Hartl, Christoph Jaeger, Miguel Urrea, Andreas Pfanger
Automated Risk Assessment and Risk-based Inspection Planning for Lean Operations Rutger Schouten, Asli Yazici Stamatis, Ulrich Tiefes, Rahul Raghukumar, Viannette den Boer
Benefits of Hybrid Leak Detection Systems for Pipelines Max Ihring, Daniel Vogt, Etienne Rochat, Cristian Grecco
Bridges as critical part of pipeline infrastructure shown by the example of rain and wastewater. Andreas Perndorfer
Capitalizing on Data As An Asset Monique Roberts
Case Study on Block Valve Power Supply with Fuel Cells Markus Muench
Case Study: Complex inspections of an oxygen pipeline system using Magnetic Flux Leakage (MFL) during shutdown periods Jochen Ahlers, Rafael Siebert
Case study: TSO and environmental service provider collaborate to detect and quantify source-based methane emissions in compliance with OGMP Level 4 Cindy Verhoeven, Róbert Simigla
Challenge in Offshore CO2 Pipeline Design: A Case Study of Offshore Carbon Capture and Storage in Malaysia I Wayan Eka Putra, Farahiah Rosli, M Anuar Desa, Azam Syah Bin Jaafar, Mior Khairul Azmil Mior Razali, Mohd Nazmi Mohd Ali Napiah, Hayati Hussien
Changing the game of unpiggble pipeline inspection through AI and Digital Transformation of the ORCA(TM), Ultra Long-Range Acoustic Technology M Fithri Azad A Azad, M Hisham A Bakar, Mohd Nazmi Mohd Ali Napiah, A Sirwan M Tuselim, M Fadhli Azami, Khairil Asraf Che Amat
Chemistry Matters - Hydrogen Compatibility with Gas Production Chemicals Caleb Clark, Geeta Rana, Ana Ferrer, Yolanda De Abreu, Matthew Trevino, Jeremy Bartels
Circular Phased Array inspection for 6 - 10 inches pipelines Ries Augustijn
CO2 footprint reduction in Natural gas Pipeline transmission, using gas turbines equipped with variable-geometry Alessandro Maschietto, Gianluca Bartolini, Francesco Trincia, Federica Furcas
Coating ageing under induced cathodic protection environment Krystel Pélisser, Erwan DILER, Manuel Dossot, Abdelkader Meroufel, Nicolas Larché
Comparison of Corrosion Growth Models Yevgeniy Petrov, Megan Scudder