Capitalizing on Data As An Asset
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Monique Roberts
Monique Roberts
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Focus on the critical importance of really knowing your assets, as well as what's around them, and knowing what you know and what you don't. Asset knowledge is essential to confident compliance, enterprise risk management, and serves as the base for a modern operator’s management systems. The PODS Model is a great starting point for organizing and standardizing your data to capitalize on it; which is critical as most significant incidents have shown, asset knowledge is paramount to safe operations. Asset Knowledge Management can feel like a herculean effort for most companies, but small steps can be essential in helping to drive essential enhancements within our business.

  • The importance of holistic asset knowledge and how PODS Resource Centers can help
  • Concepts surrounding treating data required for safe operations as a true asset to drive operational rigor
  • Risk informed decision making, and continuous improvement and quality
  • Importance of data ownership and governance to ensure existing problems do not recur
  • How some operators are budgeting data projects as capital expenditures instead of O&M
  • Learn more about two active PODS working groups for new modules that can support the entire asset lifecycle and prescribed business processes

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