Changing the game of unpiggble pipeline inspection through AI and Digital Transformation of the ORCA(TM), Ultra Long-Range Acoustic Technology
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M Fithri Azad A Azad
M Fithri Azad A Azad, M Hisham A Bakar, Mohd Nazmi Mohd Ali Napiah, A Sirwan M Tuselim, M Fadhli Azami, Khairil Asraf Che Amat
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This technology is created and developed by exploring and utilizing the capability of the passive acoustic-based  to detect corrosion at unpiggable onshore pipeline without major modification or operation disruption. ORCATM technology consists of the capabilities and functionalities to perform analysis and assessment utilizing real-time and historical data to detect, locate & understand the corrosion behavior over the period. If these corrosions are injurious in nature, further response either immediate or schedule can be executed to prevent pipeline failure.

The passive, low acoustic-based sensor installed at 2 ends of the pipeline which communicate through Data Acquisition System (DAQ) which subsequently transmit data via public mobile network which transferred data storage to the digital server. A specialized analysis software capable of performing data pre-processing, cleansing, AE features identification & sizing with ML capability had enable the function of risk and integrity assessment to facilitate system in real time basis. Acoustic Emission transducers installed between the test section and software to collect and filter the data.

The technology has been deployed on Feed Condensate pipeline back in 2020/21 with continuous data collection. Higher accuracy of detection and sizing was achieved comparing against latest IP data. The good validation result has been obtained throguh Mean Absolute Error (MAE)  and API 1163 matrix through the maturity of deep learning in adapting with the environmental and process conditions.

ORCATM has been approved for replication for PETRONAS 20 nos. of onshore unpiggable pipelines from 2022-2026. The positive value creation is estimated for long term application by 20% OPEX reduction over the life cycle. The technology will help to eliminate the occurrence of pipeline failure due to improper integrity management especially for the non-piggable pipeline sections.

In conclusion, ORCATM will change the way of managing the integrity of unpigable pipeline as previously ICDA & ECDA approached 

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