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At PTC 2024, we are bringing Pipeline of The Future (POTF) Solution Suite as the result of the company’s digital transformation and advancement to our pipeline assets.

All previous conference papers from

Title Presenter Conference year
Acquiring Visibility on Dynamic Free Span Behavior Through Big Data Aisyah Ahmad ptc 2024
An Integrated Approach in Managing Challenges of Material Selection for Subsea CO2 Pipelines Siti Aishah Ali Noor Razak ptc 2024
Holistic and Efficient Approach in Managing the Aftermath of Anchor Dragged Shallow Water Flexible Pipeline Azam Syah Bin Jaafar ptc 2023
Pipeline 3rd Party Threat and Geohazard Monitoring via Machine Learning M Fithri Azad A Azad ptc 2023
Changing the game of unpiggble pipeline inspection through AI and Digital Transformation of the ORCA(TM), Ultra Long-Range Acoustic Technology M Fithri Azad A Azad ptc 2023
Decarbonization Opportunity: Hydrogen Blending into Existing Natural Gas Transmission Pipeline System Azam Syah Bin Jaafar ptc 2023
Challenge in Offshore CO2 Pipeline Design: A Case Study of Offshore Carbon Capture and Storage in Malaysia I Wayan Eka Putra ptc 2023
Overcoming Challenges in Applying Mechanical Interference Fit Connection (MIFC) Joint for Offshore Pipeline Application I Wayan Eka Putra ptc 2023
Self-Propelling Robotic In-Line Inspection (ILI) Mohamed Ali Abdullah ptc 2023
Operational Pigging (OP) for Glass Reinforced Epoxy (GRE) Pipeline Khairil Asraf Che Amat ptc 2022
Buried Pipeline Inspection By Non-Contact Magnetic Tomography Method (MTM) - A Non-Intrusive Inspection Technology Choong Meng Lam ptc 2021
An Innovative Technology Utilizing Non-Contact Magnetic Tomography Method For Underwater Inspection Raja Zahirudinbin Raja Ismail ptc 2018
Innovative Repair Solutions for Piping, Pipeline and Riser Rosman Arifin ptc 2017
Risk & Reliability Based Fitness For Service (FFS) Assessment For Subsea Pipelines M.Ashri Mustapha ptc 2011
Repair Work for 24” High Pressure Gas Pipeline: The Challenges and Lessons Learnt Marzuki Bin Nodin ptc 2010
Development and Customisation of Integrated Pipeline Integrity Management System Mohd Nazmi bin Mohd Ali Napiah ptc 2009
Managing and Sustaining Sub Sea Pipeline Integrity Risk Against Uncertainties Force of Nature Raja Zahirudin bin Raja Ismail ptc 2009
Total Pipeline Integrity Management System - PETRONAS Gas Berhad’s Practices Mohd Nazmi bin Mohd Ali Napiah ptc 2008