Pipeline Technology Conference 2010

Event Date
Hannover Messe, Hannover, Germany
Conference Program

Proceedings (ISSN 2510-6716)

Title Author(s)
An Advanced Safety Proactive Method to Enhance Jet Fire Prevention, Mitigation and Control Dr. Fabio Andreolli
Capabilities of MFL Inspection in DUPLEX Steel Pipelines Hendrik Aue, Werner Thale
CCS - Climate Protection Measure Dr. Tobias Wendt, Achim Hilgenstock, Andre Graßmann
Centralising Operational Tasks to Assure Pipeline Integrity Tobias Graßmeyer
Consequences of a Risk Based Approach for Natural Gas Pipelines G.M.H. Laheij, C.J. Theune
Development of Integrity Management Strategies for Pipelines Ivan Cvitanovic, Uwe Thuenemann, Cheryl Argent, Chris Lyons, Andrew Wilde
Evaluation of a Self-Healing Visco-Elastic Pipeline Coating for On- & Offshore Critical Objects Dr. J.F. Doddema, Dr. E.Czech
Flow Improver Solutions for Pipeline Drag Reduction Désiré Murenzi
Fracture Control Strategy for the Conversion of Oil and Gas Pipelines to Transport CO2 Antonio Caraballo, Patrick Rabindran, Amirebrahim Chahardehi, Ian George Winning, Feargal Brennan
Getting Your Pipeline in Compliance with the New Standards Abraham Louwerse
Identification of Potential Savings and Rehabilitation Measures in the Application of a Pipeline Integrity Management System (PIMS) Christian Veenker
Improving Safety in Oil and Gas Pipelines and Offshore Project Using Wireless Sensors Networks Ahmed Jamaan Al-Ghamdi, Abdullah AL-Nufaii, AbdulRaheem M Khan, Abdelghani Daraiseh
Infrared Heat for Innovative Pipeline Production Ian Bartley
In-Line-Inspection (ILI) Tool Performance Parameters for Effective Management of Pipeline Integrity Tim Krüger, Ricardo George
Innovation in Pipeline Intervention - Inflatable System for Linestopping Operations Patrick Fuß, Nicole Schneider
Innovative Welding Technology in Pipeline Construction Ralf Prior
Land Management During East-German OPAL New Construction by Web-Based Right-of-Way Support Maria Isabel Arbelaez, Jens Focke
Laser GMA Hybrid Girth Welding Technologies for Transmission Pipelines Prof. Dr. Steffen Keitel, Jan Neubert
Nabucco Pipeline Project Dr. Jürgen Grönner
A New Approach in Pipeline Monitoring Based on UAVs and Automated Image Information Extraction Andreas Kuehnen, Tilo Schnur, Caroline Rogg, Christina Schmidt