Development of Integrity Management Strategies for Pipelines
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Cheryl Argent
Ivan Cvitanovic, Uwe Thuenemann, Cheryl Argent, Chris Lyons, Andrew Wilde
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With the demand for energy from an ageing pipeline infrastructure, there is an increasing need to ensure the integrity of assets and extend their safe remaining life.

Gathering sufficient knowledge about the pipeline and knowing how best to analyse the available information has become critical to ensuring the long term integrity of pipelines.  Inspection using in-line intelligent tools provides the clearest picture of the condition of the pipeline. The information gathered from these inspections can then support numerous integrity related activities:
  • Corrosion Assessment
  • Corrosion Growth Assessment
  • Remnant Life Assessment & Corrosion Management Strategy
This paper describes the particular methodologies and demonstrates their application using experience gained with JADRANSKI NAFTOVOD (JANAF) Plc.

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